1200 Cal meal plan

Can someone tell my fatass exactly what to eat in meal plan form for 1200 Cal a day? Have access to microwave and two meals have to be eaten on the road. I have a hard time dealing with hunger and passing by all the fast food joints.

  1. 3 months ago

    I'd probably eat mostly lean proteins and veggies w/100g of cooked white rice thrown in there (170 cal). Hot sauce is your friend.

  2. 3 months ago

    >I have a hard time dealing with hunger and passing by all the fast food joints.
    then change your mindset. i will not waste my time with writing up a diet plan for you if you are going to be throwing my efforts into the garbage

    • 3 months ago

      Alright nig I'll eat what you tell me and like it daddy. Now let's see the goods

  3. 3 months ago

    How tall/heavy are you?
    Unless you're a turbo manlet or something I wouldn't ever recommend going below 1,600-1,750 calories a day. You'll absolutely kill your muscles even if you max out your protien intake

    • 3 months ago

      Fat as shit, like gastric bypass tier but I refuse to do surgery for something I know I can achieve. I probably do need closer to 1500. You got a simple plan for 1500, about half the food need to be able to be eaten in the car. I do have a cooler bag.

      • 3 months ago

        try fasting instead

        • 3 months ago


          Fat as shit, like gastric bypass tier but I refuse to do surgery for something I know I can achieve. I probably do need closer to 1500. You got a simple plan for 1500, about half the food need to be able to be eaten in the car. I do have a cooler bag.

          I don't know what the average day is for you but just as an example let's say from 7AM-7PM you can consume around 1,650 calories (meats/Veggies/high fiber grains to help with hunger) spread out through whatever meal schedule works for you. Then from 7PM-7AM you don't eat anything. If you're really gastric bypass-tier as long as you do the bare minimum of physical activity the weight will come off pretty damn quick.
          Good luck fren

          • 3 months ago

            Yeah I get that, my question is more of what are some of those types of foods I can eat easily on the go.

      • 3 months ago

        Okay anon I'll make this extremely easy for you.

        Meal 1:
        Protein mix and water with 40-60 grams of protein
        baked potato made with a teaspoon of olive oil
        Maybe an apple or an orange
        Meal 2: The exact same thing

        This is your baseline, you are going to go over this and I hope you choose a salad or something with fresh tomatoes or whatever when you do, maybe some hard boiled eggs in it, that is a thing that is realistic to buy somewhere. But say you are in your car and you need to snack, for the love of god, don't eat anything with sugar or fat in it.

        Instead eat beef jerky and drink a coke zero or water. The leanest, dryest beef jerky you can get, I'm talking farmers market tier. It's just tasty enough, and hopefully it reminds you to brush and floss after that coke zero you drink.

        This ain't a complete plan you should talk to an actual doctor if you are obese and get real guidance from a medical professional. But it is a start.

        • 3 months ago

          Absolute shit advice. Jesus Christ. You have to be 18 to post here.

        • 3 months ago

          Thanks man I eat boiled eggs but never thought about taking a baked potato. Coke zero is good but god damn the price man

          • 3 months ago

            water is almost free anon

            • 3 months ago

              I drink water. There's just something about an ice cold can of cola on a day it's 105 degrees out.

              • 3 months ago

                forget about losing weight if you can't kick the sugar addiction. buy some flavored sparking water, it will give you that same satisfying carbonation

  4. 3 months ago

    Here's something simple and easy.

  5. 3 months ago

    A dozen eggs and whatever bullshit you want to fill the remainder. Do it in a single meal.

  6. 3 months ago

    For the past 80 days I’ve done 1200 a day because I’m only 5’6” tall. It puts me at about an 800 deficit from sedentary TDEE.

    Honestly it’s much easier to accomplish if you do OMAD

    My meals usually consist of cauliflower (riced or mashed usually with hot sauce) lean meat canned carrots canned soup watermelon tuna salmon sweet potato lettuce fizzy water

    • 3 months ago

      What do you do when you feel like your gonna cave in? How much have you lost? I'm 5'6 260. Down from 275

  7. 3 months ago

    You. I Will Lay Out How I Lost 265 Pounds In 2 Increments, and How I plan to lose 40 more in the final.

    >started at 450+ I say 465 cause the weigh in was like 3 months before i lost weight, not correlated at all btw I only do it to look sexy but I gotta get surgery first
    >initially just ate better duh
    >decided to try intermittent fasting to restrict periods of when I can/can't eat simply to refrain from cheating.
    >ate 1800 a day of anything but switched from 60/40 healthy/junk to 80/20 because holy fuck I was hungry I'm talking literally nicotine withdrawal symptom levels of head pain and body aches.
    >Slowly did a 5/1/1 schedule of 5 day intermittent fast, 1 day of whatever I wanted to eat like a cheat meal, but still kept it reasonable most times. and then a full fast on day 7.
    >Did this until my heart got warm eating beef jerky and quit at 310 cause stalling anyways to maintain for a minute

    >finished maintenance phase at 280 because I literally couldn't eat the TDEE
    >learned about macros and calories in/out.
    >the anabolic diet, greg doucette, will tenyson, RJ, etc. basically protein versions of relativley unhealthy food, this is the way I will live at my goal weight.
    >kept this up until about 220, stalled, was eating <30g of fat for like 6 months and by april 30th i was literally passing out driving home and wanted to kill myself daily (the hormones from lack of fats)

    >maintained till June30th at 210, same as 300 sorta, just didn't count TDEE well enough, lost like 11pounds in 2 weeks on accident
    >last 2 weeks I have been just cheating, not even really eating good or aynthing. Not that I can't control myself, I just denied myself so much shit for so long and I know I'm gonna finish it I said fuck it.
    >Typing this to you
    >Plan on going to similar system of 285>225 of the anabolic diet 16-1800 calories, roughly 180gP(goal weight) and 45g Fat, carbs wherever

    • 3 months ago

      >essentially eating the same meal everyday for a week, play around with it.
      >my meals typically consist of egg, eggwhites, chicken, yogurt, whey/casein, tuna, or shrimp for protein.
      >I ABUSE veggies for fullness, but don't start with that or you'll get used to it.
      >I started weights May 7th last year and also do carido here and there for calories, I'm doing a 14 mile bike ride everyday but 1 for 400-800 calories burned + defecit.
      >when I first started I couldn't do a pushup, and couldn't do 2 and a half minutes on the bike
      >I can now do 35 without attempting to train pushups since the first time I did one, and can do 14 miles without even mouth breathing at the end.

      the defining moment looking back at all of it was the day I was making a top ramen packet and looked over at a banana, my hands were literally shaking as I said fuck it, dumped the hot water, and grabbed the banana. From that day on I never looked back. sure I cheat here and there and fuck up, I think i gained 10-15 pounds these last 2 weeks? but fuck it, as long as you are ACTUALLY attempting to lose, just don't be a retard like me and binge like I did lmao, fuck these next few weeks getting back down.

      btw my exact 1700 calorie diet is this:
      148g eggW
      1 Egg
      9oz Potato
      3slice TBacon

      6oz Cooked ChknB
      3cups(weighed) Veg
      1oz Penne
      30cals worth of something that makes me not kms for taste at the start, later it will be 1 more cup of veg, you get hungry the more weight you lose, so lose in increments of roughly 4 months, once you come off weightloss, you will never be full for about 2 weeks, this is normal. fullness returns shortly after that.

      6oz Cooked Chkn
      90g eggW
      Hispanices for breading
      12oz Pineapple

      170g Fage0%
      1scoop Casein
      28g Walnuts
      3g Psyllium Husk

      6 am 10 am 2 pm 6 pm

      • 3 months ago

        in 1200 calories you can get 180g of protein for 720cals. do you even need more than 150? probably not, but I like the 1g rule but to my GOAL WEIGHT.

        so lets say you are at 160g P?
        160x4=640 - 1200 = 560

        that leaves roughly 0 of anything beneficial in your diet and is therefore unsustainable. Fear not because I did this before as well. Nuts make me super hungry, shit fat source for cutting imo (the salted ones, there is an actual study that unflavored almonds are great). You can probably get away with <30g of fat for like 3-4 months, but you will have to add fat in once you start feeling mentally shitty. Especially if your obese. It also lowers T, and your dick doesn't work sub 1800 trust me. After that carbs. carbs are just energy so use them as you need them. around workout, work, etc.

        when you lose more weight your body lowers TDEE becasue obviously not burning as much as not as big, BUT you also aren't meant to lose weight in reality, so you will start to perserve energy in different ways: I.E stop moving while sleeping, no knee tapping, you may not even be in the mood to talk as much. This is where NEAT is overpowered. 10k steps burns ROUGHLY half your bodyweight PER MILE. So calculate it based off goal weight, and NEVER CHANGE THAT SHIT EVER. Same with Cardio and weights, keep that shit unchanged forever, unless your overeating from it obviously.

        my tip is weigh your food on a scale, weigh yourself daily and average throughout the week. remember the longer you go the worse it will get, but ignore that for right now. also over report calories in, and under report calories out. If you must, eat half your expected burn from activity back, but if you chad that shit out just do none back.

        Also you should only really lose 2lbs per week at least, but you don't really care about that yet + if your lard like you say, you can shave off a few more quicker anyways. I was burning damn near 4-6lbs a week for the first few months, after about 250 it leveled

        • 3 months ago

          I also have to eat breaky and lunch at work so for me it may look like this occasionally too:

          Oats Protein Powder

          Chkn Veg

          I make homemade Ice Cream (just google anabolic icrecream) if not though typically more chicken, eggwhites and potatoes, or shrimp and a fuck ton of pasta. GOD I LOVE PASTA WHY IS IT 200CALS FOR A FUCKING PUBE HAIRS WORTH

          the yogurt shit but sometimes different.

          don't diss beef jerky, shrimp ,low/no fat cheese sticks, cottage cheese, lentils, even deli meat if you don't mind what goes on with them if you have to.

          just don't eat tuna everyday because apparently mercury or some shit, I would if I could though.

          gl anon going to sleep now

  8. 3 months ago

    Can't make a super specific meal plan for you but I'm a manlet who has to eat 1100 calories just to cut on a deficit. I recommend Greek yogurt, egg whites, chicken breast, cottage cheese, and ground beef for protein. Potatos have been a good main carb source for me. Fruit and veggies are usually less than 100 cals a cup for micros. Fats just get from your meat or whatever. For breakfast I eat 5 egg whites and a cup of broccoli. With cooking spray it's only 150 cals for 25 g of protein and some micros. I wouldn't recommend this but for maximum protein to calorie intake I also drink a protein shake every day. 48 g of protein for another 250 cals. All together that's 400 cals for around 75 g of protein. Then I try to use my remaining 700 cals to eat a big balanced dinner to get more protein as well as fast and carbs. I'm a 135 lbs manlet and this approach nets me around my body weight in protein. If you can I suggest substituting the shake for something else but the protein to calorie ratio is just too tempting for me so I end up dealing with the hunger

  9. 3 months ago

    When i was hyper cutting (around 800 cals per day) i was eating plain white rice with reduced sodium onions sauce (dont do what i did)

    Best thing to do is eat anything healthy, just weigh everything, and make sure you write down every calorie, if you overeat one day, lower the calories you eat the next by the same day

    Another option is to eat whatever the fuck to want, it doesn't really matter honestly if your goal is solely to lose weight, just weigh out shit and track it

    • 3 months ago

      Also, forgot to mention, gays say to fast and other shit for long durations. Fasting is gay as fuck and doesnt do anything for you in the long term, it is also incredibly hard to stick to a plan that includes fasting in it

  10. 3 months ago

    i've been doing this for a while. what I do is:
    breakfast, greek yoghurt with a bit of fruit, or two boiled eggs. Not very often a couple of sausages. I eat whatever at noon, but try not to gobble up beyond 500-600 cals. For the night I get a salad with maybe 100g of chicken, eggs, feta cheese, tuna, whatever. I don't really feel hungry anymore.

  11. 3 months ago

    How long does it usually take to see weight loss during a diet? I'm 6' 160lbs 20% bf skinnyfat who's trying to get down to 150 before going back up. I've been eating 2100 a day since last week but have maintained weight. Do I give it another week or should I consume even less now

  12. 3 months ago

    in different portions, easy

  13. 3 months ago

    I'm 6'3 336.8 lbs. I was 360+ a couple months ago. Was too depressed with my weight to check above 358. I know what I'm doing.

    For really fat people, exercise is way more important than worrying about diet. I don't mean eat like shit and drink all the pop you can, I'm saying eat at nearly maintenance, 100-200 calories under, and run/walk for an hour. I run sand hills, so that is basically resistance training and cardio at the same time. I dont track that, but I should be burning about 300 calories or more an hour. I dont over estimate though. I probably honestly burn closer to 500, but I dont count that because I actually want to lose weight.

    So I eat maybe 2000-2200 flat calories a day, -300 from cardio 3 days a week, and that becomes 1700-1900. Plus the better I get at cardio the more I do, which means the more I burn, and the more I can eat because Im fat.

    Second is I force myself not to eat. I will wake up and try not to eat since I dont wake up hungry. Ill try to wait 2 hours before I eat breakfast. Im not diabetic (thank God) but it keeps insulin stable, which in turn keeps me from being as hungry.

    Try to look into insulins affect on hunger and insulin spiking foods. But basically high fiber foods (like vegetables) flatten out the spike of insulin which makes you less hungry. So simple carbs like sugar in the morning is a no go. It will make you hungry all day.

    Even steak will spike insulin to a degree and make you hungry in 2-3 hours, just not as much as sugar. force yourself to eat something high fiber like oats while you're cooking, 10 minutes later eggs, pref mostly egg whites with spinach, salt pepper and hot sauce. Assuming you eat like 200 calories of oats which is a decent amount, and 350 calories of eggs, lets say 4 eggs of egg whites and 2 yolks, that is a total of 550 calories, or equal mcchicken with a small fry. You can even throw in freezer bag vegetables with salt pepper and hot sauce for extra food if you're hungry, check cals.

    • 3 months ago


      So basically find low glycemic foods, and eat filling shit like fruit and vegetables. Strawberries are some of the best fruit for dieting. Too bad I don't like them too much. Dont listen to these retards about eating baked potatoes and drinking your calories. Also dont eat foods that are high glycemic before bed, and you wont wake up as hungry.
      Also whenever you can find low fat or diet shit, eat that instead. I like mayo, so I get low fat mayo. I also like pop, so I get zero pop to satisfy the craving. I know its bad, but I only drink like 3 cans a week.

      Look into "Anabolic Recipes" on YouTube, use your brain 4whats healthy

      Im going to list out food I like that doesn't fuck me up and make me hungry

      >Low fat Greek yogurt with artificial sweetener, frozen fruit, pref blueberries, and some healthy breakfast cereal like grape nut or corn flakes for texture.
      This should be like 350 calories, 100 calories cereal, 100 fruit, 150 yogurt.
      >Egg whites with hot sauce, one yolk for healthy fat and because fat helps your taste buds process flavor.
      An eggs worth of egg whites is like 20 calories or something stupid, almost all of its protein. A yolk is about 60-80 calories I think. So 5 egg whites and one yolk is about 200 calories. (Might mess up your stomach)
      >Scrap salad. I put any spare vegetables in a bowl, some random meat, slice of cheese ripped up, a little ripped up cubes of buttered slightly over toasted bread with garlic powder, oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper in a bowl and eat it
      Again a tablespoon of oil will help the salt and pepper to be more flavorful on your salad. The calories come mostly from the fats and toast. You can make quite a bit of salad and have it under 450 calories, plus you can slip in some high fiber vegetables to slow down hunger.
      Meat cheese bread oil pepper lettuce tomato. Should be less than 400 calories. Keep it light with these cheese and oil, but you need them to taste not shit.

  14. 3 months ago

    >Can someone tell my fatass exactly what to eat in meal plan form for 1200 Cal a day?
    Well, first: If you are male, the lowest amount of calories you should have is 1500 daily. Second: Chicken and turkey.

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