18 year old math student here.

18 year old math student here. As it currently stands, I am what the majority of this board considers as a beta in terms of physique. I have a decent face and a chad jawline and I want to improve my body, what's the most optimal routine for someone my age? also, motivation thread.

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    tons of shoulders, back and chest. big shoulders make you look better

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    Get in the gym and start with a basic beginner 3 day split. Plenty of them out there. Work on proper form and not weight and proper nutrition and sleep.

    Expect to eat far more than you are used to, specifically protein and once you have a steady regimen and an understanding of nutrition for a month or ao then start intensifying your workout for your specfic aims.

    Get the basics on form, nutrition and sleep and you will get faster and better gains. If you don't have those three basic components down you will be wasting a lot of time.

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      You say with one of the three components missing I will end up wasting my time but can I still make it if Im poor and mostly eat ramen and tons of rice to save for rent? If not, how can I compensate for this missing component?


      Eat lots of protein.
      Lift lots of weights.
      Sleep lots of sleep.

      What's the most affordable source of protein?

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        Chicken, turkey, milk, eggs (depending where you live), beans, and lentils. You can get by on less protein but you can't go super low protein or you'll take forever to recover and spin your wheels. You can go as low as 0.6g/pound of body weight in protein per day and still get some good results


        18 year old math student here. As it currently stands, I am what the majority of this board considers as a beta in terms of physique. I have a decent face and a chad jawline and I want to improve my body, what's the most optimal routine for someone my age? also, motivation thread.

        >18 years old
        >what's the optimal routine for me
        You'll grow on basically any program right now. If you can't afford a gym hit up your local park and do a lot of dips, pullups, handstands, and squats. Go for a lot of volume on those 3 days per week. Spam the shit out of them because if you can't increase the weight you have to increase the reps. If you can afford a gym membership then try a full body bodybuilding routine 3 days per week as a starting point instead. 1 lift for the chest, legs, back, shoulders, and 2 for the arms (you have two separate muscles to work). You also need to give the rear delt (back of the shoulder) some love too because it's one of the most important muscles for aesthetics and doesn't get hit that hard by most big compound exercises.
        >Here's an example day
        Deadlift 4x3-6

        Bench Press 4x6-10

        Chinups 3xFailure

        Seated Dumbbell OHP 4x8-12

        GIANTSET x3
        Curl of Choice 8-12
        Incline Skull Crusher 8-12
        Rear Delt Raises 10-15

        The first number is how many sets to do. The range after is how many reps you should lift it for, and when you can hit the top of that range on your first set with the rest of your reps falling within the range, increase the weight. A giantset is doing them back to back without rest and taking your rest period after you get through the whole giantset.

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        >If not, how can I compensate for this missing component?

        make sacrifices. you don't only spend money on food and rent, i guarantee it. you can work out 4 hours a day and still look like shit if you aren't eating right

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    Eat lots of protein.
    Lift lots of weights.
    Sleep lots of sleep.

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    >math student here

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    Math PhD student here. Just do big compound lifts like squat, bench, OHP, deadlift, pullups three times a week. Also, eat a lot of protein and calories.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio had a hairline that didn’t transition from Juvenile to mature until he was 40. What are the chances he goes full bald?

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    If you rely on motivation you're ngmi

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    If you have the time, go for a 4x a week full body split. Look up Natural Hypertrophy´s training programs, they are all free. Also a warning, when exam time comes around you will feel intense psychological pressure to go to the gym.

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    For diet:

    I recommend chicken and rice. At least 50/50 ratio of chicken to rice per meal. If you're eating 500g to 1kg of chicken a day you'll build muscle.

    For exercise:

    Just do whatever you want, but also try to get in a few hundred pushups per day every morning and before bed. Like 500 pushups a day + gym will build good muscle. Start off with sets of 30 to 40 reps, eventually you'll be able to do 100 straight. It's a good exercise for building arms and chest and shoulders.

    For gym:

    Do whatever you want it literally doesn't even matter, you will grow. Don't skip legs.

    For cardio:

    Try to run 30 to 50 miles a week at a good pace, like 90 to 95% of your max speed. It's good for fat loss and building endurance. Also good for building legs.

    Also, try to reduce stress and get enough sleep. Super important for growth long term. Make sure you eat enough food every day. Good luck bro, we're all gonna make it.

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      Do not fall into the trap of “optimizing” when you havent built enough experience yet, just about anything will work. Thats like trying to polish the sculpture before you’ve even struck the marble

      This sounds impossible for anybody who isnt already fit and has a regular life schedule, the only good piece of advice here is under exercise

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        This is a troll post. Don't listen to it.

        If you can't do 500 pushups a day, start off with 100. Even if that means 20 sets of 5 pushups. Take 1 min rest between sets. Should be done within an hour. You'll get stronger quickly enough then you can increase the volume to 200, 300 and finally work up to 500+ a day. Pushups worked really well for me, I noticed results within a week.

        For the running, if 30 miles is too much, start off with 15 miles and work your way up. You will build cardiovascular health and endurance. It only takes a few weeks.

        Nothing is impossible bros. Just work hard, eat right and get enough sleep. We're all gonna make it brah.

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          How do you have so much time Are you unemployed and single or something lmao. Unless you like it, theres no reason to be chasing ambitious pushup numbers that are well outside effective bodybuilding volume and do all that running.

          t. I like it too but for pull ups but I wouldn’t recommend it lmao

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            It doesn't take that much time. I'm currently at 57 reps per set, I'll do a set in around a minute or less.

            I'll do a few sets in the morning, a few sets during the day and a few sets before bed.

            It doesn't take much time, you can drop down to do a set of pushups anywhere any time. Nobody cares, it will probably motivate the people around you.

            High volume pushups built my arms like crazy. First time in my life where my shoulders and triceps stick out like I'm on steroids or something.

            Pushups are extremely underrated. Trust me. Once you start getting stronger on them, you will see a massive difference in your physique.

            Keep rest times short. max 2 min rest between sets so you don't lose the pump. Go to failure ever set, all the way up all the way down every rep.

            Good luck bro, we're all gonna make it.

            I started doing them cause I was on vacation with no gym, once I saw the results I started to believe.

            Honestly I think it would be cool to be able to hit 100+ reps in under 2 minutes so I'm working towards that right now.

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      This is a troll post. Don't listen to it.

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    Try as many exercises as you can a for a year keep deleting those you dont like for your routine,your body Will improved meanwhile.

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    get outta here mathboy, hahahaha

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    >have a decent face and a chad jawline
    Then there is no need to improve your body, just go for a walk every other day to get some fresh air and cardio.

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    5 reps of deadlifts every other day, pause hold for maximum time at top, this will induce more muscular gains than regular deadlifting.

    Bench press + Cheat Curl every other day.

    Rest 1 day a week, eat a shit ton of food.

    That's it.

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    Eat protein. 1g/lb lean body weight
    Lift progressively getting harder.
    Hitting all the muscles regularly, hit them more if you want to be bigger, can start slow at the beginning ~2 months.
    Can start with push-up& pull-up at the beginning.
    You don’t need a special routine because you’re 18.
    The best routine is one you keep doing.
    You know what the compound exercises are.
    Don’t fall for starting strength memes or any weird exoteric diet shit.
    Eat vegetables

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    Literally just eat a lot and lift heavy brah

    At least for me, it was hard to gain mass when I was a kid. I absolutely stuffed my face yet barely gained anything, the real gainz didnt come till my metabolism slowed at 21 ish.

    I'd say focus on strength with your training, strength can be a good indicator of gainz made. But make sure your form is right too, injuries will only set you back. I'd take like 2 weeks just to learn the basics, make sure you can bench and squat properly

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    All these idiots are so complicated. You guys are like fucking tiktok bitches yapping about makeup or some dumb shit

    All you need is a push, pull, anterior legs and posterior leg exercise.
    For example:
    Pushups - Pullups - squats - glute bridge
    If you don't like these just google "posterior chain leg exercises" or "compound push exercise" and try shit out untill you find something you like.
    Do each of these for 4 sets of 12 reps. three sessions every week. Don't forget to warm up a little and stretch afterward. (look up big 5 stretches on yt)
    When it gets too easy move to more reps. When you can do 20 reps add weight or pick a harder exercise so you can only do ~12 reps again.

    For nutrition eat ~2g/lb of body weight in protein and ~5g/lb of body weight in carbs.
    If you eat this you'll definitely reach your daily caloric intake as well.

    This is literally all it takes. I've been doing this myself for years and put all my dyel friends and family on it and literally, everyone from my underweight 14yo sister to my 40yo overweight colleague gets great results.

    These workouts don't take longer than 40 minutes x3 every week, and the nutrition is simple and not restricting like some dumb-ass retard diets. Also chicken, milk, eggs, oats, and potatoes are your best friend, and DON'T FORGET YOUR MOTHER FUCKING VEGGIES. SLEEP 8+ (NOTICE THE PLUS!!!) HOURS EVERY NIGHT

    Drink protein shakes if you have trouble eating enough. Simple whey isolate will do.


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    10 hours calculus, 10 hours angem, 4 hours to sleep.

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