3 healthy smoothie “shots” to energize your body in the morning

Sometimes people feel tired and stiff even after they have slept. They then reach for an extra large or strong cup of coffee. But this could be a mistake.

It's normal for the body to be the most acidic in the morning. The acidic state of the body is often not a good thing, but at this point, this state is due to processes which occur during the sleep, and the acids they release into your system. This is one of the reasons why your body seems exhausted. Of course coffee will make things even worse, as it adds acidity.

So what you need to do is to alkalize your body in order to energize it for the day! The consumption of high alkaline drinks immediately after you wake up will balance out your pH. You don't need to consume them in large doses either.

So, here's three simple, natural and easy 3-ingredient health shots which are extremely effective at picking you up in the morning.

Green Smoothie Shot

This fantastic green smoothie will provide all the needed energy, as it is abundant in potassium, vitamin C and B and 10 grams of protein.


2 cups of organic spinach
1 slice of ginger
¼ of frozen organic blueberries
Note: you can add Stevia (optional).


In a blender, combine all the ingredients, and add some water if you need to loosen the consistency. Prepare a bigger amount of this delicious smoothie and keep the rest in the fridge.
You can also add some Spirulina to the smoothie if you want to enrich its nutritional value further. Spirulina is a superfood alga which is a natural multivitamin.

Digestion Booster Shot

Improperly working digestive systems will slow down the function of the whole body and lead to feelings of exhaustion. To trigger your digestive system in the morning in order to prepare your system for the entire day. This fantastic natural shot will boost your digestive system, as the strong digestive- boosting properties of its ingredients will make your system run smoothly throughout the whole day.


½ an ounce of organic apple cider vinegar
½ an ounce of lemon juice
A pinch of organic ground ginger


Mix the ingredients and add some water to the mixture in order to get the needed consistency for a smoothie.

Metabolism Booster Shot

The ingredients of this powerful smoothie are the best you can consume in order to alkaline your system, even though some may think that they can have the opposite effect.

½ an ounce of lemon juice
½ an ounce of organic apple cider vinegar
A pinch of cayenne pepper
Note: If the taste is too strong for you, add 2 ounces water.

This remarkable natural shot will provide a lot of benefits for your health. Namely, the apple cider vinegar, as well as the lemon juice, will get your blood to a pH level that is more alkaline.

Cayenne pepper will help in the process of weight loss, as it will boost your metabolism and will provide the needed morning refreshment.

To sum it up, as our body functions to repair and heal itself during the night, we need to aid by providing proper nutrition in the morning. These three health shots will prevent all kinds of diseases, as they keep the body as alkaline as possible. What’s more, these natural healthy shots are delicious, so don't hesitate to try them!

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