are multivitamins a scam? post your supp stack

might drop the multivit and just stick to mag and l theanine. also thinking about trying shilajit next month to see how it agrees with me.

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  1. 3 weeks ago

    Probably should be better to just eat fruit and veggies, but I already struggle to eat enough and adding those would make it harder
    I just buy multivitamins in the more expensive side hoping they will absorb well so I'll have room for my macros

  2. 3 weeks ago

    that's all you need

    • 3 weeks ago

      Yes, but which ones. Also which brands do you guys get? I find myself with NOW 80% of the time simply because they have the supplement I want at the cheapest price. Sometimes I'm biased towards Life Extension since their packaging looks nicer.

      • 3 weeks ago

        Not that anon but same really, but for vit d3 I use mrm and I'm taking thorne k (has all 3 vit k forms) and its basic nutrients. NOW vit d3 gave me joint pains, now matter 1k, 2k(?) or 5k IU dosage and even with k2 mk7 or mk4. For magnesium I find taking life extension mag cap with food helped with the mag oxide laxative effect that gets me shit water when taken without meal. I would take 3g calm mag citrate if I'm feeling some muscle soreness before sleeping.Also nutricost tudca once a week maybe.

        • 3 weeks ago

          3g is a lot, holy shit. I'm taking 500mg after dinner.

          take taurine
          insane how much it can just boost your whole day

          Taurine has zero effect for me. I take glyNAC daily now as I experienced an effect almost immediately. Everyone should at least try it out. I can't source anyone selling glyNAC as a combo so I just buy glycine and NAC roughly at the same ratio.

          • 3 weeks ago

            Its a 4g per serving, but the elemental magnesium is just 325mg.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    take taurine
    insane how much it can just boost your whole day

  4. 3 weeks ago

    it makes me laugh every time i think about all the millions of times people take vitamins but they just end up pissing them out the fat soluble ones since they aren't eating them with fat haha

    • 3 weeks ago

      but i do pair them with fat

  5. 3 weeks ago

    Multivitamins are a decent stopgap but have lots of problems. Some compounds compete for absorption, usually the ratios and formulations leave something to be desired, and vitamins in real food come with enzymes and whatnot that make them more effective. IMO you're better off taking a more natural vitamin-rich supplement like spirulina or desiccated calf liver, on top of a decent diet of course.
    >post your supp stack
    Here goes:
    >D3 (I eat fermented foods every morning otherwise I'd add K)
    >fish oil
    >methylene blue
    sounds like a lot but it's pretty easy since they're spread out and several aren't pills.

    • 3 weeks ago

      >Some compounds compete for absorption, usually the ratios and formulations leave something to be desired
      This is more or less why I made this post. I suppose that even if it isn't the most efficient it's better than nothing. It's not like I take them to replace food, it's just in case my diet happens to be lacking something here and there

      it makes me laugh every time i think about all the millions of times people take vitamins but they just end up pissing them out the fat soluble ones since they aren't eating them with fat haha

      Even if I piss out some I feel incredible compared to how I did before taking them. I feel really sharp, focused, relaxed and my sleep has improved immensely

  6. 3 weeks ago

    I’ll never know, because the times I’m doing well are the times I take all the dumb supplements, but I have no way of knowing which direction the causality goes.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    >are multivitamins a scam?
    Yes as are all supplements. I haven't taken a supplement in 7 years and feel fricking great. Best shape of my life and unironically look better than 90% of this board.

    • 3 weeks ago

      but you didnt post body with timestamp and you wont. they never do

  8. 3 weeks ago

    I only got effects from magnesium when I rubbed nigari dissolved in water on my legs feet and balls. 0 effects from oral, neger even shat myself from it.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    What IU amount do you guys recommend for a vitamin D supplement? Live in a rainy and cloudy c**t

    • 3 weeks ago

      50k per day with a vit K supp

  10. 3 weeks ago

    Criticize / rate my stack
    >10k IU D3 + 100mcg K2
    >2 B-Complex pills (1 in morning, 1 at night)
    >2 Omega 3 pills (1280mg)
    >2 Ashwagandha pills (700mg)
    >30mg Zinc
    >400mg Magnesium
    >500mg L-Arginine
    >450mg Lion's Mane Root
    >2 NAC pills (1 in morning, 1 at night)

    • 3 weeks ago

      Drop 10k D3 to 5k, go outside and just get some sunlight it's way more effective than supplementing.
      Omega pills ensure they are from reputable source.
      throw that jeet shit in the trash
      no point if you're not supplementing l-citrulline, they have a paradoxical relationship with eachother.
      Roughly 95% of it is excreted upon ingesting, however when l-citrulline increases the body will begin to produce more l-arginine naturally, which with additional l-arginine supplementing may show noticeable gains.
      It has been proven in every single study that l-citrulline is the most efficient way to increase l-arginine. So regardless if you believe the rest. Just supplement the l-citrulline alone.
      be careful dude, you're taking ashwagandha alongside NAC, are you sure you're just not ADHD?
      Because if you feel benefits from either of those that really reflect in your day to day you're showing ADHD symptoms and should just be tested.
      NAC itself means very little for nutritional health. If you're going to supplement it I'd rather you take only one pill and a collagen supplement (either peptides or glycine pill).
      Since either the benefits of collagen or the benefits or anti-oxidant support require the glycine from either supplement.

      If you can switch to a gummy and/or multivitamin that uses multiple pills a day.
      That way you can cut the dosages down to a more minimum supplementation. Multivitamins only work if you're not getting any nutrition (proven by Twinkie+multivitamin diet).
      However if you're actually eating nutrition foods, multivitamins are pissed out entirely almost to maintain homeostasis.
      So supplementing only the bare minimum is more beneficial to your wallet and arguably your diet since megadosing vitamins while eating food can interfere with one anothers ability to be absorbed.

      • 3 weeks ago

        What's bad about Ashwagandha? Also I live in an area where it's often overcast, is 10k IU fine on those days, and how long should I be out in the sun? I'll switch the L Arginine out. Not sure if I want to stop taking NAC, I've only been running this for like a week so I'm undecided. It's entirely possible I have ADHD, I got diagnosed with it years ago and prescribed adderall before I started college, but I felt like the doctor diagnosed it way too quick and I only took it for a few months. I did fine in college without it, but I also had awful study habits and relied on last minute cramming and just generally being "good" at school (I coasted through HS with similar methods too).

        • 3 weeks ago

          >What's bad about Ashwagandha?
          Ashwagandhas only benefit is that is drops blood sugar. I mean within moments after officially absorbing it on a chemical levels blood sugars begin to drop rapidly.
          Everything after is a side effect of the benefits of lowered blood sugar.
          Everything anyone shills "lowers cortisol thereby raising testosterone" is a direct result of the lowered blood sugar. Google it yourself, diabetics/metabolic disease/high blood sugar==excess cortisol.
          So instead of effectively taking a medication to drastically reduce your blood sugar I highly suggest you figure out why the frick your blood sugar levels are rising and staying elevated.
          Why supplement something when you can literally just fix the problem?

          The d3 thing, yeah don't worry about it, do what you think is best. It's just sunlight really is just more effective. ten minutes a day is all it takes to completely fill your D needs from sunlight. Keep your k2 ratio though that is important.

          ...Stay on the nac for a little bit, but potentially lower the dosage.
          If it's those 1k mg pills and you're taking two.
          Perhaps break a pill in half and do two 500mg a day instead until you see how it actually works for you.

          • 3 weeks ago

            Honestly, I just took Ashwagandha because I heard it helped with anxiety (I was mainly taking it because I just finished tapering off alcohol a week ago and I was kind of paranoid about seizures. Although I don't think my drinking habit was anywhere near long enough / at the level to cause those from quitting, especially on a taper. Was taking it more for peace of mind since I saw some abstracts demonstrating it mitigated seizure risk in mice) Now that I'm a week clean, I probably don't need it then. The NAC pills I'm taking are 600mg each. Maybe I'll just start taking one.

            As for the Vitamin D, do you know why so many people on here recommend crazy high doses? I honestly thought 10k was more on the conservative side, whereas I see people advocating for shit like 25-50k IU a day. Are they just offering shit advice? Also, what's a good ratio for K2? 100 MCG per 10k IU? The pills I have are 100mcg, would I need to break it in half or is 100mcg fine for 5k too?

            Thank you for the replies as well.

            • 3 weeks ago

              >do you know why so many people on here recommend crazy high doses?
              Because d3 has horrible supplementation rates, only 40-60% of it is absorbed and your body has daily demands of anywhere from 5-7k (assuming you are average 180-210 male).
              So if you are deficient and only supplementing 10k. That means 3k would be going into your stores.
              It takes a long time to bring those numbers up, so people like to supplement huge dosages.

              I am official diag low vitamin D.
              This is with supplementation and sunlight.
              So in winter time I do increase my dosage to around 15k.

              • 3 weeks ago

                Ah, I see. Last question, would you recommend anything to add to the stack? Or do I pretty much have things covered. I don't have any pressing health conditions that I'm aware of. Only thing I'd say is that sometimes I feel more tired than I should be, but my sleep schedule is kind of shit (I get 8-9 hours, I just go to bed late)

              • 3 weeks ago

                >recommend anything
                Oh I had the small suggestion for either collagen peptides or glycine. It's a huge issue now days that we don't get enough collagen amino acids.

                After that?
                Hmmm, No not really I am a fan of using supplements as intended. Supplementation.
                If you have no real reason to supplement I cannot really offer a suggestion.
                If you're feeling tired often times, potentially vitamin C (from food sources).
                The glycine would also help with that.

                See melatonin is an anti-oxidant.
                If you are low anti-oxidant volume, that means when you sleep your melatonin is being used up for usages that it shouldn't be.
                The glycine/collagen peptide route will help with glutathione, the vitamin C will also help.
                This might help your melatonin actually concentrate at night time, which might help with sleep dude.

                Good luck to you I need to head out.

  11. 3 weeks ago

    Fermented Cod Liver Oil
    L. Reuteri ATCC 6475
    Walkabout Emu Oil

    dasit mane

  12. 3 weeks ago

    Something like pic related is what most of you americans need to take before sleep, creatine works, amino acids work because they are building blocks of protein, eating eggs work because you'll boost your cholesterol levels which will boost your testosterone as cholesterol is the building block of testosterone.

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Fish oil
    Garlic extract

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