Argan Oil: a Lifesaver for Beauty and Wellness

Argan Oil is one of the latest natural wonders to take the beauty and wellness industry by storm. Found in Morocco, the nut of the Argan fruit is pressed down to obtain the coveted oil. argan-oil

Because of the inability to retrieve it from anywhere else in the world, argan oil is very rare, which has driven its value and price way, way up. However, experts are swiftly learning what many have known for decades: argan oil has plenty of benefits that are too good to be ignored.

Argan oil as a moisturizer

Dry scalp is a common complaint that can involve dandruff, flakes, and itching. When argan oil is applied all over the scalp, it gets absorbed and thereby moisturizes the skin on your head.

When the months get warmer and more skin is exposed, it’s important to have skin that’s glowing, healthy, and supple. If you struggle with dry and cracked skin, argan oil is a great moisturizer due to its combination of Vitamin E and fatty acids.

One approach that’s a guaranteed way to alleviate the problem of cracked skin is by infusing a little oil mixed with the soap of your choice for a moisturizing effect when you bathe. After showering, apply a mix of your favorite lotion with argan oil to coat the skin and lock in the moisture from your shower.

It’s very easy to develop calloused heels through dancing, sports, or any activity that encourages standing on your feet for extended periods of time. After using a pumice stone to scrub down your heels, use argan oil as a moisturizer to soften them.

To lock in the moisture even further, wear a pair of socks after you apply the oil.

Argan oil as a rejuvenator

With age, skin discoloration, and overall wear and tear, your face can get a little dull. The InstaNatural blog contains a fantastic recipe for alleviating dullness and bringing the brightness back to your skin through the application of argan oil with the assistance of lemon juice, honey, and yogurt.

Chipped nails can be pretty frustrating to look at and deal with. Often, nail chipping is a sign that the entire nail and the skin surrounding it need a substantial amount of rejuvenation.

Remove all nail polish and add a drop of argan oil to the nail bed. Massage it not only into the nail but the cuticle as well. This process really helps to bring your nails back to life.

One of the most underused practices is skin exfoliation. This helps to slough off the dead skin cells and gives the skin a new glow and softness that can’t be achieved with just soap and water.

Argan oil has been described as a more “gentle form of exfoliation,” because all you need is the oil and a cheesecloth to wipe down your skin. It’s also possible to mix the oil with salt or sugar for a good scrub for skin that needs a little TLC.

After seeing a few of the many benefits, you’ll surely want to add argan oil to your personal collection. Although it’s on the pricier side, it’s a skin care tool that’s worth its weight in gold.

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