Have YOU taken the trek-pill?

>be me, early 20s uni student
>holed up in my room for several hours studying for a degree I don't want
>fuck this
>fill hydroflask (get one if you haven't)
>find my most rugged pair of trail shoes and a snug coat
>drive to the foot of a rural ravine after days of rainfall
>begin trek
>smile as months of stress seep into the streambed with every step forwards
>bounce on the rusty waterpipe hanging over the wash
>break pipe. laugh about it
>continue hiking when the veil of nightfall sets in
>tfw there are no lights or roads for miles
>seek high ground
>there's a house here. I think it's owned by the water district
>knock, greet sole occupant at fuckall midnight
>explain your path taken
>he invites you in, piss drunk
>we eat pistachios, play his drumset, and watch Alien 3
>drives you 20 minutes to the nearest road before he heads to bed
>"Don't hesitate to come back anytime you wanna catch up! The gate code is ****#"
>call ex-girlfriend to pick you up
>"What the fuck do you want, anon?"

I made a new friend, and reconnected with an old flame, and probably toasted a thousand calories on a 10 mile trek into the wilderness. School fucking sucks, but with hikes like these, I'm sure it'll all be worthwhile.

  1. 1 week ago

    Sounds like you had some sort of manic episode, at least you got laid ig

    • 1 week ago

      >NOOOOO humans and animals can't naturally experience temporary changes in mood, it has to be a clinical condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 1 week ago

        >hikes out to the middle of nowhere at night with just a water bottle with no plan how to return to safety
        Totally normal sane shut in student behavior

        • 1 week ago

          >Y-you were tired of sitting for days and needed to get out in the mountains?? Are you crazy? You could have died !!

          • 1 week ago

            >has to rely on a random hermit living on a mountain to drive him to a road
            >has to call his ex to pick him up from there
            Ah yes extremely balanced and sane person actions, totally not impulsive manic behavior

    • 1 week ago

      What believing in psychology does to a mf

  2. 1 week ago

    not reading that

  3. 1 week ago

    >Early 20's uni student
    Whatever you had to say wasn't worth anything anyways

  4. 1 week ago

    >go out on foot
    >no path for walking so get hit by a car
    >breathe in exhaust
    >bums and Hispanic panhandlers attack you
    Ahh, the american life...

  5. 1 week ago

    All the time.

  6. 1 week ago

    Based, is picrel Mangerton in Ireland Anon? I’ve climbed it, shit is kino

  7. 1 week ago

    U picked a degree that u aren't truly interested in and will be progressively miserbale. Living vicariously through ur future children is the best u can hope for.

    Thank God I graduated in EE, don't need breaks when u love ur job..

  8. 1 week ago

    I would've been out there today but I did something to my knee (I think it's my IT band) so I can't go hiking for a couple weeks.

  9. 1 week ago

    >Alien 3


  10. 1 week ago

    is there a website to find good trails?
    problem atm for me is that i live in a really flat area of the uk. would take an hours drive just to get anywhere worth walking that isn't a flat, boring field.

    • 1 week ago

      You mean like alltrails?

    • 1 week ago

      I'd say something like alltrails but I've only used it in the states. My state has its own trail work/hike finding site which is great.

      • 1 week ago

        It apparently has stuff for the UK. I think users can upload new trails.

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