How did you get fat and why

For me it was when my metabolism decided to fuck up. My diet wasn't bad but not great. Mainly leftover dinners from family members and frozen food. A decade later all that shitty food caught up to me

  1. 3 weeks ago

    In teens it was because shity diet at home, then a decade of being over worked in a sedetary job.

    Now I got a physical demanding job and "just eats normal". Never been as fit as I am.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    i never could be fat because everyone in my family has a fast metabolism but i am jealous of people who can gain weight at all while i struggle

    • 3 weeks ago

      oh boo hoo i can't gain wait ffs just pick up the fork and lift and be grateful you'll never have to fight a large appetite or junk cravings.

      • 3 weeks ago

        i have a large appetite i eat up to 8 chick breast a day and 5 bowls of rice and i am still 150 pounds everyone man in my family is like that

        • 3 weeks ago

          >low appetite
          >perception of food is lower
          >thinks they eat more than they actually eat

        • 3 weeks ago

          Bulk dirtier add cheese or butter to foods, drink whole milk, trade the chicken breast for thighs or whole bird. Add steak and pork chops. Eat ice cream or make a gainer shake with protein oats and ice cream or yogurt. It's only dirty bulking if you get fat

        • 3 weeks ago

          >5 bowls of rice
          Define "bowl of rice", retard. I don't know if you Americans do instant rice or no, but one 125g bag of those fills up a soup plate and has 436kcal in it. 5 of those alone would give you 2200kcal. Add the chicken breasts, assuming they're small at 50g each, and you're up to 2800kcal, which is about maintenance for me (6'4'', 177lbs), and probably a slight bulk for you.

          Though I can't imagine anyone being willing to eat 5 ricebags every day with just 8 chicken breasts.

      • 3 weeks ago

        I hate fatfags who act like this as if the struggle isn't the same on our end. I was once so desperate to gain anything that I started microwaving gallons of ice cream and drinking them each night.

    • 3 weeks ago

      you don't have fast metabolism, you have fortunate eating habits.

      try eating 3 big candybars every day. you will not feel any more satiated but you will get ~1500-2000 extra calories.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Shitty diet, when I broke my leg and couldn't play football in high school anymore I stopped being active. I'm 25% bodyfat at 200 lbs 5'9. Not really that obese but I definitely feel it

  4. 3 weeks ago

    I had been chunky, or about 20 pounds overweight, since I was a kid. Decided to get IST, realized I could put on muscle easily but the fat kind of stuck around. Flash forward a year and a half, I've put on 20 lbs of muscle but the fat just comes back if I stop paying attention for a month kekkkkkkk...
    Sooooo laziness and not enough cardio

  5. 3 weeks ago

    >be teenager me
    >go to track practice 5 times a week in middle school
    >go to the gym in first half of high school
    >slack off in second half, but still walk/cycle everywhere. and start smoking
    >shovel goyslop into my maw all day and still skelly
    no points for guessing what happened once I got a car, went to uni where I would just skip most days, stopped doing any exercise, and kept my old eating habits

    lost 30kg this year though and I'm back to skelly.

    • 3 weeks ago

      forgot to mention, I quit smoking but developed a really bad booze habit which helped me pack on the pounds. 26 now, don't smoke don't drink

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Is this bait?
    Unless you got some horrible endocrine related cancer, you didn't fuck anything up. You just had a shit diet that added up over time.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    I was at my low point. I found out my garden gnomefu gf had cheated on me and I dumped her. I started dating a slampiggy with J cup tits who unsurprisingly loved to eat fast food. 5 years later, we broke up and he eating habits apparently also wore off on me.
    I was 200lbs when I started dating her, and 280lbs when I broke up with her. It's been roughly 9 months since I started dieting and came down to 230lbs. Still have a lot of work to do.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Since I was a kid.
    I was like 8yo and ate an entire bag of chips before lunch and then had a big ass lunch and probably ate 2 plates + ice cream dessert,I also loved to drench my sandwhiches and pizzas in oil and make extremely sugary chcocalte drinks

  9. 3 weeks ago

    >How did you get fat and why

    >be immigrant
    >family scared, reasonably so, of local population and want to protect me from their influence
    >shelter me a little too much
    >become depressed friendless loser who can't socialize properly
    >depend on food to soothe loneliness
    >stuck inside all the time
    >raised in apartments half of said time so can't even workout/run for YEARS
    >eat more
    >eat more
    >eat more
    >get fat as fuck before I even understand what I'm doing to myself

    Have no interest in blaming others for my poor choices but parental neglect definitely didn't help.
    Oh well, time to get yolked now.

    Might have to hope on roids to avoid loose skin so I'm looking at the bright sides of my situation.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    I got fat when first I got my own apartment and realized no one in the grocery store would stop me, an adult, from buying family sized packets of waffles and a giant jar of nutella multiple times per week.

  11. 3 weeks ago

    i've been fat for as long as i can remember and since my life is shit i've never been motivated enough to truly lose weight. i've been yoyoing my entire life

  12. 3 weeks ago

    I've bulked and cut and bulking is definitely harder. It's more work and more expensive. To cut you just drink coffee instead of eating. Easy.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Fuck you its not easy for normal people with big appetite. Thats why now the world is full of fatties everywhere. Food is abundance and you need great self control to not overeat and have exercise to keep slim.

      • 3 weeks ago

        >Spending money/time/gas/effort to buy or prepare food
        >Doing literally nothing lmao
        Just don't eat? Lol

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Been fat since a kid. Lost a ton since I moved out (121 kg to 82 kg). I am currently visiting my parents and yet again see why I was so fat. Candy everywhere, fridge full of left over ordered food or ready to make meals. Most meals my mom actually cooks are carb>veggie>protein. But the worst is the bread. Lots of white bread in the morning. Also I noticed a habit I had in my mom today. She came home and first thing she did was take 2 pieces of bread, butter them and add a thin slice of cheese in-between. Damn I feel lucky that I have overcome these habits and find them strange now. Back then I would've joined in. Dinner, prepared by dad and me, was on the table like 20 mins later btw.

  14. 3 weeks ago

    I used to weigh 74kg in 2016 and ever since it's been a constant up and down over multiple months with phases of gaining and losing and every single time I'd end up fatter than I was the year before.
    Right now I am 122kg but I'm currently on a downward trend and really hoping this will be the end to my struggle.
    I just really enjoy eating and it kinda fills the void, there really isn't that much to it.
    Also as you get fatter and fatter it gets much harder (mentally) to get lean and then you turn to eating again as a result.
    It's a vicious cycle, in a sense.

  15. 3 weeks ago

    >Get molested between the ages of 8 and 12 by female relative and/or babysitter repeatedly
    >Start coping through food and soda
    >Video games and books provide escapism
    >Mix that with over-working parents who ordered out 5 days a week and that's all she wrote
    >Move out on my own at 19 and still just CRUSH large pizzas by myself and chug caffeine through a high paying IT gig
    >Become a night shift IT chud
    >Max out at 320 lbs in my mid-20s
    >Sudden realization that this tupperware container I filled with thanksgiving leftovers, potatoes, gravy and cheese is likely more calories than a standard human will consume in 2 days
    >Cut down to 200 lbs while actively lifting heavy shit (past 1/2/3/4)
    >Electricians at a data center job fail to setup their junction correctly
    >Electrocuted and dropped from a 15 foot ladder
    >Throw multiple disks and crack my pelvis
    >3.5 years of pain and COPE
    >Back up to 262
    >Start rehabbing my back myself
    >Lifting again with a heavy focus on form and stability
    >4 months later, down to 216

    In my early 30s now, pretty sure I'm FUBAR but we do our best.

    • 3 weeks ago

      keep it up anon.

  16. 3 weeks ago

    I just went on a months long bender along with shitty food, was probably consuming 3000 calories or more per day. Now I'm on a cut at around 1700 cals + 500-600 cal workouts

  17. 3 weeks ago

    >be a slightly chubby kid at school
    >good appetite but mom's cooking wasn't very fattening
    >fastforward to college years
    >leave on my own with a couple of roomates in a dormitory
    >realize that I can buy anything I want with my money
    >start living on a diet of chips, ice cream, you name it, all the bad shit
    >around that time became a dropoff, broke up with a gf
    >become really fat and also almost completely bald
    >balding actually destroyed all my confidence, what's the point of anything, if the man in the mirror is a fucking shrek
    >fastforward to today, I have all the knowledge, know how to lose weight consistently, and reliably
    >became somewhat confident about being a hairlet
    >still relapsed a few times over the years, yoyo effect, lost and regained everything a few times
    >back on track, hoping for the best

    I think the reasons for all relapses so far were that I started questioning myself "why am I doing this?". And couldn't come up with any coherent answer. I figured now that there's no point in justifying fitness. It's just as essential as oxygen.

  18. 3 weeks ago

    At my heaviest I was 270lbs, that was when I was 18. I am now 24 and around 180 at 5' 11". It took me about 9 months to lose all the weight, but it was by far the best thing ive ever done for myself. Been lifting pretty consistently and believe I have a pretty good build going, but I still have a bit of a gut. Regardless, I feel and look much better than I did back then. I think the reason behind my weight gain was simply not knowing better, as well as eating out of boredom.

  19. 3 weeks ago

    >For me it was when my metabolism decided to fuck up
    Your metabolism didn't do shit. You became sedentary and ate more.

    ITT: Coping boomers

  20. 3 weeks ago

    my job has a tonne of long hours and shitty hard work. after 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 months im not really concerning myself with what im eating soclong as im getting food. the downside is that ive gained 40 lbs in about a year. not happy with it. still have a good amoint of strength though, 2 pl8 deadlift without training regularly, can lift my 250 lb co worker with decent ease and walk with him. can pick up a 60 lb pail of paint in each hand and walk up flights of stsirs multiple times in a row without getting gassed, can fire out a set of 20 pushups without stopping. on vacation now though and back home so im gonna be working out everday, including running for just overall health. i want to start muay thai or another form of martial arts for consistent hard training in my day to day life. started this job at 170/180 currently hovering just under 220.

  21. 3 weeks ago

    I wasn't raised with a shitty diet per say, average family, they'd get me cheetos and stuff if I asked but we generally didn't have a loaded 600$ pantry, mostly because dad made little money. When I was 15 I was put on prozac, I wasn't even depressed, I still don't really understand why, I guess that's unhealthy. More than likely the brain doctor (gnomish woman) needed our money so prescribing it made sure we came in to get the prescription.

    Prozac made food taste good so instead of just like a sandwich for lunch and a bag of chips and a potpie or whatever mom made for dinner, I'd overeat. I'd normally have 4 poptart pastries for breakfast and a Sam's cola from Sam's club for lunch. I'd maybe have 2 hotpockets and some other bullshit. Gained like 35 pounds in a year and a half. Got bad in Covid, not obese but fat, biggest was like 200-210. The government sent us EBT cards because my county gives free lunch to everyone so it was supposed to be for lunch as we were in lock down and didn't get school lunch. This meant I could have name brand soda while we wer egetting them and we could get as much chips as we wanted. Got even fatter.

    Started loosing it a few months ago because I'm starting college soon and don't want to be a fatty. My grand uncle Is from a German immigrant family and they make fun of fatties, myself included, so that helped motivate when he said I was fat like a sumo wrestler. I'm in medium T shirts now from x large and don't look fat by normie standards, maybe even Fit by normie standards soon but I know I'm still disgusting fat and hideous. The OCD makes eating over my caloric limit very uncomfortable so it's helped. Thankfully I don't have terrible stretch marks, I have some but I'm not self conscious about it at all.

    It's easy to loose weight, just CICO and stop drinking sodas it's not hard. fellow fatties put the effort in and you'll be happy.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Sorry for the fucking essay btw, didnt realise I wrote that much the short version is good taste good so I ate it

  22. 3 weeks ago

    >For me it was when my metabolism decided to fuck up
    Shut the fuck up you retarded cunt

  23. 3 weeks ago

    My father dropped his fiance and moved to live with some woman he simped for since high school. He didn't know she had an adopted fat count trying to run the place while she would work all the time, on top of a sped daughter and boy with no male role models. Stuck more or less caring for those fuckwits all day while trying to get through college. Blew up to 220lbs, and I still have stretch marks from that. I'm 180 now, and trying to fix my shit, since I've moved out to live with the one good sibling of the three (the normal daughter).

  24. 3 weeks ago

    Not actually fat, but gained fat. Was always skellington mode, started gym, put on about 30 pounds of muscle. Looked great.

    Go to study abroad, gym conditions and prices are fucked. New country is a lot more expensive than my home country and they want me to pay the entire year up front, something I just can't do on a student budget. I'm in a party city and basically all I do is drink beer and eat shawarmas with buddies and fuck international women thanks to my residual gains.

    I tried finding some park where to at least do calisthenics. Could only find a literal kiddie playground, empty but felt insanely awkward. Years later, thanks to google maps, found proper calisthenics infrastructure in a park I visited but didn't check thoroughly.

    Anyway... Lost a good 20lb of muscle and gained at least 10, probably more in lard. I had never had a belly before, My beefy back and shoulders would stretch my dress shirts before, and now my fat ass wouldn't fit in some jeans. According to my crappy scale I had been around mid 15%bf and got to low 20%. Started working out again and did gain some muscle back but the fat never really went away. I've recently tried to be more disciplined around sugars, carbs and snacks during the day and I'm finally seeing abs and the adonis belt back. A few months back I even got to high 16%bf, but got a pretty severe back spasm and knee injury that still bother me and now can't train.

  25. 3 weeks ago

    >Be violent kid, get into plenty of fights
    >Move to neighborhood with a bunch of sheltered kids who think they're invincible
    >Sadistic 5th graders have already been running a fight ring for 2 years
    >Hear about this, ego takes over, before you know it I'm there
    >Holy fucking shit these kids are pansies
    >I'm not even particularly big or strong (4'11" 90 lbs at age 9, ok I guess I was tall), but 1 punch will send these little shits to the ground or have them crying for their mother
    >Get respect and a group of friends from my combative adventures
    >Eventually the kids find a MASSIVE special ed kid, and want me to fight him
    >Kid had to have been held back 3 times or something, 5'8" at least and obese, he HAD to be 13 at least, he had facial hair
    >Naturally my dumb ass assumes I'm gonna crush this tard with no effort
    >Yeah no
    >Definitely not
    >I get the shit beat out of me
    >Go home with a black eye (real fun BSing an explanation to my folks)
    >Go to my room and cry (I was 9 give me a break)
    >Go back to school the following Monday
    >Every one of my "friends" has seemingly had an epiphany and now I'm a piece of shit apparently
    >Get depressed over this
    >Binge eat to cope
    >Move back in with parents (was living with my grandparents)
    >They DGAF about my binge eating, Dad even encourages it
    >Before you know it, 242 lbs at 12 years old

  26. 3 weeks ago

    Depression. I started losing sense in my identity because I couldn't keep my imposter syndrome in check and I just collapsed. Throughout the years I had multiple spurts where I would try to fix myself, but then the self doubt and sense of worthlessness would creep back in. After years of suicidal thoughts I now feel like I've made the necessary self realizations to steer my life back to the right path. I've been staying consistent with my social life, career, and health. Whenever I feel like slipping back down that hole, I look at my photos from the previous years to remind myself that I made it out of that rut.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Jesus, that sounds like it would take a fucking toll.
      I don't know you personally anon, but just know that at the very least, THIS internet random is proud of you for getting right in the head.
      Good luck bro. You will make it.

  27. 3 weeks ago

    >27 femanon
    >born in american south
    >culture of food comfort
    >mother had 0 nutrition understanding and claimed MUH GENETICS
    >unironically slow metabolism, bigger build considering my other relatives who have managed their weight okay but are still tall/gain weight easy
    >early childhood molestation by older cousins
    >bullied in elementary school
    >developed PCOS as a teen went untreated until two years ago (slows metabolism/causes infertility/causes weight gain)
    >teenage molestation by step-dad
    >enter several abusive online relationships because of low-self worth, made it worse
    >won't stop eating now because it's one of my few sources of dopamine
    >enter abusive 5 year relationship with a fatty hater (didn't catfish him, was incredibly honest with my weight) basically used me for free housing
    >break-up and learn I have ADHD which exacerbates a lot of eating disorders to chase dopamine on top of everything.
    Honestly, m8 it's a combo of everything and also poor dietary choices even when I did have the proper knowledge on how to eat.
    Working on losing weight with my PCP and therapist now, 30 lbs down at least. :')

    • 3 weeks ago

      >All these excuses
      >It's always someone/something else's fault
      >Online relationship
      unironically ngmi

  28. 3 weeks ago

    When I was in elementary school my mom would never let me have any sugar or snacks and was really strict about it, so I'd steal/hide/binge shitty food behind her back.
    I leaned out in high school a bit, then after college got fat again taking antidepressants. I'm now IST but I still love shitty food like you wouldn't believe

  29. 3 weeks ago

    Unironically the Italians.
    Did you know cannoli can have 400 calories?
    12 year old me wishes he knew cannoli has 400 calories before he ate 4 as a after school snack.

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