I'm begging you. Please help.

Im a porn addict and my dick hasn't gotten a proper erection in like years. It only gets partially hard like a baseball bat, like its flaccid and hard at the same time.
I used to measure it at 17 cm back in high school and college. Now its barely even 12cm. I only cope with depression by jerking off more. No fap doesn't work because when I break it my dick STILL only gets semi hard after nofapping for weeks.

Please I wanna fix this. I'm trying to lose weight too. I'm skinny all over but morbidly obese around my belly so it fucks up my breathing too. I can "feel" my dick when I exhale otherwise it's just there.

How do I fix this??? I'm 28. What diet or exercise solves this?

  1. 1 month ago

    never jerk off or watch porn ever again
    simple as

  2. 1 month ago

    The only relevant things here are this

    >I'm trying to lose weight
    >I'm skinny all over but morbidly obese around my belly

    So the answer here is basically "read the sticky"

    Why don't you start with that? And then after you gotten the basic information about how to start on the fitness process, why don't you come ask specific questions about that? Is that too hard for you?

    • 1 month ago

      He wants help with a dead dick too.

      • 1 month ago

        OP (you) deserves no help as he is asking to get spoonfed and has done zero effort him self.

      • 1 month ago

        That’s not fitness related.

        • 1 month ago

          it is

  3. 1 month ago

    1)stop watching porn
    2)lose Wright
    3)dopamine reset-aka cut off all useless activities like watching porn or browsing IST or reddit or twitter or whatever you do
    4)stop playing video games for more than an hour per day

    1)HIIT cardio
    3)Hindu push ups and hindu squats.

  4. 1 month ago

    How long did you do nofap for?
    Id get some bloodwork done and see a doctor if NoFap didnt work

    • 1 month ago

      Your test has ZERO effect on ED from slopping on porn. You could have a test on the higher end of what's normal, and you could still get ED.
      He clearly has ED because
      1)he's been jerking off for over 15 years watching porn
      2)porn rots your brain more than anything else.

  5. 1 month ago

    Everytime you want to jerk off do push ups until you can't move your arms.

  6. 1 month ago

    False flag. Try putting something up your butt op you are just bored of jerking. Guarantee you will be dribbling pre-cum with a diamond hard cock once you get into prostrate play. Or keep coping about your broken dick. Your ch of ice fag.

  7. 1 month ago

    >Stop watching porn
    >Lose weight
    >Read sticky
    >Go to /fast/ fasting general
    >Go to /fat/ lose general
    >Do your own research about diet, the danger of sugar and seeds oil, obesity pandemic
    95kg on 5 July 2022 and now 81.55 kg, and my penis is 5cm longer than my last measurement after losing that much weight, still my own goal is 68kg

  8. 1 month ago

    Poor erections are the first sign of cardiovascular disease

    > What diet or exercise solves this?
    1. Cardio, specifically Low Intensity Steady State(LISS) cardio. You need to do 3/4 sessions a week of a sustained output (jogging, cycling, elliptical, etc…) for 40 minutes with no breaks.
    2. Vegetables and fruit, aim for ten portions (consider a handful a portion) a day

    You’ll have diamond hard erections after six weeks of this.

  9. 1 month ago

    I have been jerking off daily for more than 10 years and my dick looks the same. WTF have you been doing?

    • 1 month ago

      He OD'd on porn.

  10. 1 month ago

    Angion method

  11. 1 month ago

    you need to get into GOONING if you haven't yet maybe try injecting estradiol ask your doc about it

  12. 1 month ago

    Read "the easy peasy way to quit porn". Nofap doesn't work for anyone, it isn't just you.

  13. 1 month ago

    Agreeing with others, quit porn (you can still fap, but use your imagination) and do cardio to lose weight and improve your stamina and heart. Doesn't have to be running, get an exercise bike or go swimming, anything to raise your heart rate.

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