My Grandpa passed away early this morning. What lift can help take the grief away?

My Grandpa passed away early this morning.
What lift can help take the grief away?

  1. 4 weeks ago

    Preferably medium to high load and high reps.

  2. 4 weeks ago

    Deadlift HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Go talk to your family you fucking retard

  3. 4 weeks ago

    Very sorry for your loss, anon. Unironically, lift your heart up in prayer. Then hit some heavy DL’s.

  4. 4 weeks ago

    if you were close, time
    yeah squats but this list top to bottom is in order of efficacy

  5. 4 weeks ago

    All of them, as in, every time you lift, lift in his honor. Lift and live to be a man that he will be proud to see from above. Lift so that he can point you out to those with him and say, “you see that burly boy right there? That’s my grandson!”

  6. 4 weeks ago

    Chin ups 🙂

    • 4 weeks ago

      I see what you did there

    • 4 weeks ago


  7. 4 weeks ago

    > Rosary x 5 Decades
    > Max effort payer for his soul
    > Cooldown remembrance of how much he meant to you

  8. 4 weeks ago

    Lift his coffin into the hole

  9. 4 weeks ago

    I lost mine recently too you're not alone in this be strong for the rest of your family especially the younger relatives.

  10. 4 weeks ago

    Letter LXIII from Seneca

  11. 4 weeks ago

    cremate his body and use the ashes to temper with carbon iron into steel and forge a bar to do deadlift and attain the blessings of the strength of the ancestors

  12. 4 weeks ago

    Mine could go this month or last another 2-3 years. Former powershitter and chain smoker, a stroke I'll get him..

    My dog died 3 years ago and it was tragic since I cared about that dog more than any human. After losing my gains cuz of cig and quitting + regaining them made me realize that it doesn't matter what happens, I have two jobs, go to the gym everyday(not including g days I burn out or am busy) and not smoke a cig. It's as absurd as smoking a cig everytime something bad happens.. That's why mid 20s were the hardest for me, I had to switch from living a pleasure centered life to a purpose one beacuse too much bad shit happened for me to enjoy lounging around anymore.

    When he fucking dies I'm not missing the gym and getting a 300 doller bottle of scotch after wards then going to the gym tomorrow. Honestly the only thing that scares me is crying at the gym, not that I'm embarrassed enough to not go but if I get filmed and put on the internet that would be fucked up..

    In the meantime I'm going to the gym every day and going hard and eating everything I can just in case I can't handle it and stop going for a bit again..

  13. 4 weeks ago

    Bros do you think the dead can see us from the beyond? Both of my grandpas passed in recent years and I sometimes worry that they see me masturbate and would be disappointed.

  14. 4 weeks ago

    Guys, the gym's necromancer is doing deadlift again.

  15. 4 weeks ago

    Go do arms. Bis and Tris. You can hit them from all different angles for a long time. The rest is up to you.
    May your grandpa's memory be eternal!

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