>over 5 bucks per bottle
>people are still buying it
>and even leaving positive reviews
Good God just end us. Please.

  1. 1 month ago

    ur advertising it

  2. 1 month ago

    >product contains 200mg of caffeine per 355ml can, equivalent to six cans of Coca-Cola

    • 1 month ago

      >using coke as a caffeine metric
      It's the same as a monster energy can, but less volume.

  3. 1 month ago

    Normalfags never cease to amaze me

  4. 1 month ago

    Damn, and I feel bad for spending $1.50 per can on monster.

    • 1 month ago

      Explain to me what's wrong with coffee.

      • 1 month ago

        Only tryhards like anything bitter.

        • 1 month ago

          Coffee doesnt have to be bitter, a little milk goes a long way

  5. 1 month ago

    Prime drink on Amazon prime? Good god

  6. 1 month ago

    NPC drink, literally. Anybody who would buy this because of the hype isn't capable of critical thinking

  7. 1 month ago

    I got one at a gas station in Florida for around the price of a monster. That’s the only time I’ve had it and it was pretty good.

  8. 1 month ago

    they make 10 mill a month from this shit. its just coconut water and flavoring

  9. 1 month ago

    >knox unflavored gelatin
    >30$ for 2 pounds
    >paid 18$ for the same product exactly one year ago, price literally almost doubled
    >people are still buying it and leaving 5 star reviews

    gelatin is a fucking waste product from meat and leather processing there is absolutely no reason for it to be 15$ a pound, even the 9$ a lb i paid for last year was too much
    "supply chain" my fucking ass

    • 1 month ago

      It's more desirable now than it used to be because of the collagen meme. It's also that companies will put their prices up at every little thing and never put them down. Inflation is bad but it's not 100% like a lot of products make it seem. Companies seem to no longer want to try to undercut their competitors to get more market share when they can make almost as much from just joining in with raising prices.

      • 1 month ago

        That's not how economics work. There's not an unlimited amount of, well, anything. Generally speaking the demand goes up and the supply stays the same until it makes sense to increase the supply, but, depending on what that is, it increases the cost of the product (like growing bananas in Ireland instead of importing them from Brazil for example).
        Certain things (oil for example) might go up because it's not economically viable to extract it from anywhere else. Once it does become economically viable then it is extracted. It's why Canada went from having some of the lowest oil reserves in the world to being the 2nd highest. It's not because they found untapped oil. It was just that they had a shitload of oil sands. But it didn't make sense, economically, to separate it. Once it did make sense, they did.
        It's also why oil has been "running out" for the last 60 years when reality says not really.

        The reason they don't undercut competitors is, usually, because they can't.
        Let's say you have a company selling pumpkins for $2 a piece. Everyone else, including myself, is selling them for $4 a piece. How long would your business last when I keep buying all of your pumpkins for $2 each and making myself 100% profit on each one? Keeping in mind that my profit from your pumpkins is straight profit. While everything you get from me has to cover growing costs and other overheads.
        Then what happens if I decide to start selling for $3 each? I'm undercutting the rest of the competition which brings more people to me, but no matter what you sell them for I'm going to buy the entire amount every single time because there's no downside for me as long as the demand is there. It's just pure profit.
        Now you're faced with two choices; either sell them cheaper, which only benefits me and hampers you, or do the thing you're complaining about happening - raise your price.

        I'm not having a go btw or being condescending. I'm just trying to help you understand.

        • 1 month ago

          youre assuming the guy who sells for 2$ isnt able to distribute his product as the arbitrager who turns around and sells it for 4, you might as well be describing a supplier and distributor relationship not a relationship between competitors
          bc if that guy could distribute his pumpkins for 2$ then he would, and hed take over the market share

          and youre assuming that monopolies dont exist or collusion doesnt happen

          i know how demand pull inflation works, but i dont think its sufficient to explain some of the 200% price hikes over the past year

      • 1 month ago

        >Inflation is bad but it's not 100% like a lot of products make it seem. Companies seem to no longer want to try to undercut their competitors to get more market share when they can make almost as much from just joining in with raising prices.
        its like a nash equilibrium where everyone collectively decided "lets just all raise prices and we all benefit"

  10. 1 month ago

    >Spastics have been paying £100 a bottle for it here
    >Equivalent of about $120
    >Find a few empty bottles
    >Fill them up with water and some food colouring
    >Make videos of myself pouring it out
    >Zoomers start crying
    >Get lots of messages asking if they can have the empty bottles
    >Presumably for internet clout
    >Make new video burning the empty bottles
    >Tell them to stop giving morons and garden gnomes money for coconut water just because they're endorsing it, tell them to stop cutting their own dicks off, and to hit the gym
    >Get more seething messages
    >Also start getting messages from single parents (female) praising me
    >Start slaying mad busted beave on the reg

    • 1 month ago

      Lmao can you link the videos? I wanna read the comments.

  11. 1 month ago

    im drunk asf and juzt wanted to say that i went through each of the images and the title list and strawberry and watermelon is missing from the title.
    peace out homies

  12. 1 month ago

    >people bitch about rent, mortages and inflation
    >go out and buy this shit

    • 1 month ago

      living in the first world gave these zoomers ridiculous ideas about poverty

  13. 1 month ago

    >five bucks
    tf? I got mine for 3.50
    the green one tastes like bar mix & that's disgusting

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