What is your skincare routine?

  1. 4 weeks ago

    Face wash, retinol, moisturizer

    Skin drying soap when showering

    • 4 weeks ago

      red pill me on this what does it do and are there side effects?

      • 4 weeks ago

        It reduces and prevents acne and wrinkles. It does this by stimulating collagen production.

        Increased sensitivity to sunlight is the most common side effect. This isn’t really an issue if you’re using sunscreen already.

  2. 4 weeks ago

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  3. 4 weeks ago

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  4. 4 weeks ago

    Wash face with whatever gf bought in morning, use pond's light moisturizer, use whatever sunscreen gf has, then wash face again at night and after waiting for face to completely dry use tretinoin and go to sleep.

    • 4 weeks ago

      You should moisturize after tretinoin

      • 4 weeks ago

        Yeah I've been told that but I've been using it for an year now and haven't had any problems so who cares.

  5. 4 weeks ago

    Tallow and Korean BB cream

  6. 4 weeks ago

    keto face wash

  7. 4 weeks ago

    >wake up after 5 REM sleep cycles
    >drink a mixture of lemon juice, water and himalayan salt for hormonal regulation, whey protein to stop muscle loss after a full night of sleep, apple cider vinegar to increase stomach acids so I can properly break down proteins for muscle and brain gains
    >prepare breakfast
    >read the news from a variety of carefully selected, politically diverging sources as I eat it
    >do Anki flashcards for memory improvement and language learning, having used a frequency dictionary to form Decks in german, french, russian and spanish
    >brush teeth with organic toothpaste, as regular toothpaste contains xenoestrogens that disrupts testosterone production
    >go to the gym
    >about to do my carefully calculated hypertrophy day on my DUP system
    >listen to a lecture on German Idealism as I do it
    >use Smart Audiobook Player so I can bookmark important parts and make notes later
    >finish workout
    >drink black tea with ginger as I get my herb supplements for energy, recovery and testosterone production
    >time to go to work
    >select my daily podcasts on a variety of subjects: sports, politics, economics, history, philosophy, all of which contribute to making me a well-rounded person as I wageslave
    >get to work
    >practice muscle contraction as suggested by Eugen Sandow while I work
    >eat a meal prep that perfectly fits my macros on my break
    >end of shift, go home
    >meditate as studies have proven it decreases cortisol
    >divide my the rest of my time into structured Pomodoro study sections
    >read about several subjects, practice any skill I'm currently learning
    >take a cold shower when I'm done
    >use only organic products, again minding xenoestrogens
    >start my korean school girl-tier skin routine with a variety of oils and creams
    >use volufiline for facial gains and minoxidil for beard gains
    >take supplements and nootropics
    >go to bed with a book, read until tired
    >turn off lights
    >realize i'm now tangibly a better person than yesterday
    OP isn't even close to making it

    • 4 weeks ago

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      • 4 weeks ago

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  8. 4 weeks ago

    Things that will benefit everyone:
    >good diet
    Things that will benefit a very small minority:
    Things that will do almost nothing for the vast, vast majority:
    >Salicylic acid other than in an extremely targeted fashion
    >hyaluronic acid
    >micellar water
    >peptides / collagen serums
    >LED facemasks
    >jade rollers

  9. 4 weeks ago

    My face skin is retarded tier sensitive,every single product makes my skin red even swell sometimes,the rest of my body isnt like that so my skin routine is not touching my skin lol

    • 4 weeks ago

      use organic products without artificial chemicals and your problems will go away
      or do it like the ancient greeks and use olive oil

  10. 4 weeks ago

    Eat good and hydrate well and wearing hats outdoors

  11. 4 weeks ago

    Would you guys honestly say this guy is balding? I have that same kind of (empty space?) on the far left and far right sides of my hair like this guy does in the picture

    • 4 weeks ago

      Depends on where your baseline is. I have the same hairline, but I’ve had it since I was a kid.

      • 4 weeks ago

        So If I've had that hairline since since 17 I'm good right?

    • 4 weeks ago

      Temple recession is common if you're predisposed to high hairlines. I have the exact same thing. Panicked when it started coming in when I was about 22/23 and thought I was balding. 31 now and my hairline is the exact same since then. That said temple recession can be early signs of mpb

  12. 4 weeks ago


    The really Semitic part is that you have to have a script to get retinol at a high enough concentration to be effective. Even with insurance, it’s $40 for a tube of tretinoin. I can order the same tube from India for $5, including shipping and profit for the Indian middleman.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Can I bring tretinoin from India back to USA? Will they stop me at the Airport?

  13. 4 weeks ago

    Cold water rinse at the end of my shower, and started using dove bar baby soap to wash my hair. My skin was fucked up and this made my acne go away. All of these products are gigagarden gnomed, dont put shit on your face

    • 4 weeks ago

      The bar soap is instead of shampoo, the shampoo was fucking my skin up

  14. 4 weeks ago

    Cleanser. Toner. Hyaluronic acid. Moisturizer. SPF.

  15. 4 weeks ago

    get out of shower
    rub off most excess of water from my beard
    apply beard oil whilst it still has a bit of moisture to blend with the beard oil
    apply moisturizing cream around my body and a different one for my face

  16. 4 weeks ago

    Cleanser, hyaluronic acid and combined SPF/moisturiser in the mornings. Evenings are cleanser, retinol and night moisturiser. Super simple and easy to do but has made my skin look the best it has since I was at Uni. I also use a heavy duty peeling solution once every 2 weeks for deep exfoliation but that's overkill for most people

  17. 4 weeks ago

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  18. 4 weeks ago

    I only use water for my face and hair.

  19. 4 weeks ago

    I just realized something
    >be 20 year old zoomer
    >moisturize daily so I can maintain youthful skin
    >there's a solid chance I will go bald in 10-20 years
    >I'll have a youthful face and no hair, which will look weird as fuck

    so if this happens, should I just start smoking and drinking heavily so my face can look rugged and aged?

  20. 4 weeks ago

    I don’t wash my face aside from water in the shower and I never shampoo, skin is clear. Fix your diet and limit stress

  21. 4 weeks ago

    Rubbing alcohol on my face it cuts the oil

  22. 4 weeks ago

    i use cerave facial cleanser in the shower, then i use a witch hazel face toner and moisturizer after i get out of the shower.

    clean in the shower, remove all the remaining gunk, and moisturize the dry skin after.

    Any recommendations?

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