Why is keto bad

>Everytime I get onto IST and the keto diet is brought up most people just shittalk it like it’s some bs. I’m not really familiar with this stuff, lost some excess weight by cutting out carbs for a few months and that’s pretty much all of my experience, why does everyone here hate on keto?

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    It isn't. It's harder to perform in strength/power exercises where you have to expend large amounts of energy in small amounts of time though. Keto feels better when I'm focusing more things that aren't gym, like work and doing stuff in the workshop. The energy is a lot more stable and I feel really calm.

    Hating on keto is just a meme because most people who evangelize keto are obese amerilards rather than roidmonkeys who only know butter, eggs and bacon to be sources of fat, are allergic to anything green and think muh protein will kick me out of keto. If you eat a relatively higher protein diet (but not extreme) and healthy fats like fish and get fibrous, micro dense veggies, there's absolutely 0 problem with keto.

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      Keto is 100% legit but you cant lift as much weight when on it, but you do have a more consistent energy level, so theres a trade off there

  2. 2 weeks ago

    Keto is an easy way to cut calories because it doesn't leave you hungry. That's it for me

  3. 2 weeks ago

    First and foremost there are a lot of people on here who just want to pick fights and shit on other people, so (just like everything else on the goddamn internet) the pro- and anti-keto people become cartoon characters. Instead of having a reasoned discussion they just post memes and insults, because the point of it is to stir up conflict, not to achieve anything.

    Now, the ACTUAL case against keto is pretty simple.
    >it's impossible to sustain
    This is less discussed but absolutely the dealbreaker in my view. It simply is not possible for 99% of people to never eat carbs again. They're delicious and everywhere in our culture. Restricting carbs creates a tremendous sense of deprivation, required constant willpower, and leads to relapses/binges in almost everybody.
    >binging after strict keto is far worse than binging in a "normal" diet
    Your body is hyper insulin sensitive and will suck up those carbs like a vacuum. Ask ANYBODY who has lost a lot of weight through fasting/keto and then gained it all back. There are many.
    >the benefits are achievable without restricting carbs
    But you say, "Sure restriction is tough, but I can't lose weight or fix my blood sugar any other way." This simply isn't true. A majority of people can improve their health and biomarkers simply by limiting processed foods, limiting sugar/alcohol, sleeping, exercising etc.. The reason why keto is "miraculous" for people is often not the macros —it's because they're cutting the crap from their diets, paying more attention to what they eat, eating more veggies, exercising etc..

    I think everybody should experiment with diets. There are some people for whom keto clearly works, and they sustain weight loss for many years on it. Those people are in the minority and there are far more people who lose weight quickly and put it back on. At the end of the day, eating whole, unprocessed foods in reasonable portions, plus exercise, sleep and stress management, is king.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Notice how this guy's only real argument is that keto is bad because it lowers insulin resistance (a good thing, which is why it cures type 2 diabetes) and that by quitting keto you get fat. Self BTFO lmao.

      >Verification not required.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    >most people
    it's two fucking gays who shit up the board with their gay love affair

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Keto seems to be helpful who eat in response to hunger and blood sugar cues it provides a very steady level of energy and the food is satiating.

    Keto tends to be evangalised by lard asses who just started a week ago, lost the expected 5lbs of water weight and think they found the secret to weightloss only to then gain 10lbs on their butter, cheese and bacon diet.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    Keto is fine, people are annoyed here because we have a persistent autistic shitposter who spams 40 threads about it a week.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    Keto is awesome. The seething is vegans who think they will get IST to go high-carb plant-based slop diet.

    • 2 weeks ago

      I have a vegan pajeet at work that constantly tries to convince me that high carb diet is the way to go to get huge.
      I can't take anyone that shills high carb seriously anymore now.

      • 1 week ago

        Lmao pajeets. Next time I see those starch shilling posts I'll be thinking of a brown guy instead of a white vegetarian.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    Because it's not the magic bullet a lot of people like to think it is. The masses need simple, easy to remember fad diets in order to diet, because they don't have autism which compels them to count macros (like me). One fantastic and successful example is time restricted eating: just skip breakfast and lunch, and don't snack! It's that easy and fats can get thin.

    Unfortunately, Keto on the other hand doesn't guarantee people will lose weight, because people will just substitute their shitty carbs for shitty fats and lose some water weight, then stabilize. It also makes you feel good once you get used to it, and people who have never fasted and/or don't try to maximize their brain performance are dumbfounded by its effects.

    Lastly, anyone who's willing to delude themselves will fall in love with a supposed magic bullet diet which doesn't prohibit them from eating cheese and bacon to grotesque excess.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

  10. 1 week ago

    >based on an old shitty study
    >has been shilled for ages despite being "le natural human diet"
    >made to feed retarded children
    >fatty live disease
    >all ketolards are obese facebook moms and fatties in general

    Ketomorons say "uhhh i cut carbs and lost weight", No, you just ate less food thus lowering your daily caloric intake, because keto is disgusting and hard to perform not because "muh magic ketosis".

    • 1 week ago

      Carbohydrate restriction increases expenditure independent of protein and calories

  11. 1 week ago

    Just look at the keto shills. They're all fat and DYELs.

    • 1 week ago

      >guy advocating drinking wheat juice in image

      Clearly he is not only fat but also actually retarded.

  12. 1 week ago

    I think the reason I hate keto so much is people think they can loose weight in a week with no effort. You can do it with no effort, just stop eating fatass, but it won't happen in like a week. Ketosis, idk if it's real, but shits not bussin sounds like a weak way of handling things.

    I was 205 pounds, I ate 1300 calories meals consisting of tuna fish, salami. Large glass of whole milk for breakfast. That was it unless I had to overeat in front of mom so she didn't think I was anorexic and panic. (Shes a keto person so I'm surprised she didnt try to shill atkins). Like 3 4 months later and I'm at a very healthy weight and look good shirtless, gynos gone and I run shirtless to get that good tan. Ketotards for the most part don't experience this, they drink atkins loose 10 pounds from water weight and then back to old habits. and they don't grow or learn anything about themselves in the process.

    Also if you do keto you have these pinworms in your asshole that try and get you to get dicked in your ass so they spread. Ketosis is the militant arm of the homosexual bourgeoisie 1% and anyone who says otherwise has been infected and doesn't even know it.

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