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24 Little-Known Uses For Dandelions From Baking & Pain RELIEF To Quickly Removing Warts

Vegetarian Risotto
Cook the flowers and make them into a jewel-like vegetarian risotto. While the dandelions add visual appeal and a mild sweet taste, the onion, wine, stock, creamy yogurt and parmesan lend a rich, deep flavor and smooth texture. The Vegetarian Society inspired recipe can be found here.

Instead of the traditional spicy and sour Korean kimchi which is made with cabbage, this foraged alternative uses dandelion greens. Eat your way to good gut health by fermenting the greens with herbs, spices, green onions and soy sauce, as outlined in this recipe.

Savory Muffins
These soaked muffins, made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, honey and dandelion petals are perfect for serving with Spring time soups such as asparagus or green pea. Learn how to make them here.

Make a delicious iced treat from freshly picked dandelion blossoms, sugar, honey and lemon juice. It’s perfect for a summer’s day in the garden, or served after one of the many dandelion-inspired main meals here! You’ll find the recipe here.

This delicate jelly is delicious and sweet as honey. Use it on top of toast, crumpets or anything else that takes your fancy. It keeps in an airtight container for up to two weeks – but it definitely won’t last that long! Follow Martha Stewart’s recipe.

Pancake and Waffle Syrup
Love pancake syrup but want to avoid the sickly sweet store-bought variety, which is loaded with nasty artificial additives and preservatives? Then this is the recipe for you! It’s made with just three ingredients – dandelions, lemon and sugar or honey. The two-day process is described here.

Dandelion Blossom Cake
A sweet, delicious and slightly tropical cake made with dandelion syrup, blossom petals, cinnamon, crushed pineapple, walnuts and coconut, this is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Click here to go to the recipe.

Another sweet dandelion based treat, these healthy lemony cookies include organic local honey and oats. The easy-to-follow recipe is found here.

Dandelion Root Coffee
As we’ve found out, no part of the humble dandelion has to go to waste. After you’ve sautéed the greens, and used the blossoms in your dessert, hang onto the roots and brew a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Roast them before grinding for a deep, earthy flavor. Discover exactly what to do here.

Iced Lime and Dandelion Tea
This pretty iced lime and dandelion tea is so good even the kids will love it. It’s also refreshing, natural and has many skin promoting properties. Blend a quart of dandelion flowers with fresh lime juice, stevia leaves or other sweetener, and dried red raspberry leaf. Learn how to make this healing tea here.

Surprisingly, these pesky weeds can make a fine country wine – rich, strong and medium sweet. Head out into the countryside (or backyard) with a gallon container and collect enough complete flowers to loosely fill it. Ferment these with water, lemon zest and raisins for a couple of months before enjoying. The full wine making process is detailed here.



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