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Do You Know the Truth Behind The Small Scar On Upper Left Arm and Its Real Meaning?

The small round scar on the upper part of our arm is very common if you are a 90s kid.

People who were born before 2000 A.D. are likely to have this scar on their upper arm. It is not a thing to be scared of anyway. But it has a very mysterious secret which you might have heard about in your childhood. And with time, the topic of this concern faded off and so did the concentration towards this particular scar.

The vaccine was given to people in the form of an injection on the upper arm, preferably left. Because of this injection people used to get a swelling bulge pouring out for 2-3 days. The swelling wears off but after 2-4 weeks emerges again.

This time it turns into a water bubble and oozes liquid out of it and then dries up and starts healing. But this process leaves a scar. And that scar is what you see on your arm till now.

But small pox was eradicated from the entire world by 1998.

The vaccines were no longer made or given to people. And that is why people who are born above this year do not have this scar on their upper arm.

How Did the Scar Appear?

After being vaccinated with this one, some blisters started forming in the area where the vaccination was put. After a couple of weeks of course, it healed. However, at the end, it still left a round scar.

In order to deliver the vaccine, a bifurcated needle was taken and dipped in the Vaccinia solution and the person who was being treated was poked a couple of times. Thus, a small amount of the vaccine was deposited each time that the needle went into the skin. This way some blisters formed. This is the explanation as to why the scars are actually so large.

Anyways, right after the vaccine there would be a small swelling at the vaccination place which would have been there for 6-8 hours. Afterwards, when the swelling disappeared the vaccination started to look normal.

Then, 6-8 weeks later some swelling would again appear, and this one looked like a mosquito bite. It would start to grow and then form a nodule which would break open and discharge fluid and form an ulcer. The ulcer would be healed by forming a scar. This process took from 2-5 weeks. Sometimes, it might have even took the whole ulceration and healing process 2-3 times. Thus, the scar that would appear would last a lifetime.

However, after the 1970’s, smallpox was gone in most of the Western world, so, a vaccination was not necessary. Well, unless you wanted to travel to a countrscay where the virus was still there.

The Variola virus was actually certified that it was eradicated from the whole world’s population in the 1980’s and the vaccination for smallpox was stopped right after that.

Shockingly interesting isn’t it?

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