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Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick, and What to Do About It

In the past, Chinese alternative medicine practitioners didn’t rely on anything other than the face in order to detect the signs and symptoms of any disease or condition.

They knew how to read the signs of any ailment on the face, and believed that rashes, acne or redness were a sign of some kind of problem with the organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the organs in our body are interconnected, and any kind of problem with them first shows up on the skin. Although the face reading technique was lost throughout history, it is a pretty precise method of diagnosing certain conditions if you learn how to read it.

The so-called face mapping technique can identify what you’re suffering from by reading your face. This safe, non-invasive method is more reliable than you think and can help you identify any kind of problem and treat it on time. The location of the acne or rashes can tell you what’s causing the problem.

Here’s how to read the signs of almost any kind of ailment on your face:

Acne on the cheeks

  • Bacterial buildup;
  • Smoking;
  • Touching your face often with dirty hands.

Acne on the T-zone

  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Poor circulation;
  • Too much caffeine.

Acne on the jaw, chin and neckline

  • Candidiasis;
  • Excessive starch consumption;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Excessive sugar consumption.

Face mapping by organs

Certain areas on the face are linked to certain organs in the body. By detecting the exact location of acne on your skin, you can detect problems with the related organ. Here’s how:

Heart problems – acne on the nose

Acne on your nose means that you’re consuming too much salt which can cause a variety of cardiovascular problems. Reduce your sodium intake, start exercising and eat a healthy diet in order to get rid of them.

Liver – acne on the area between your eyebrows

When you consume too much meat, your stomach will work overtime to digest it. This will overwork the organ and result in acne between the eyebrows. To fix the problem, you should avoid consuming fatty types of meat and start eating a healthy diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure to spend some time outside in the clean air as well.

Stomach problems – acne on the chin and mouth

Acne on the chin and mouth are usually brought on by consuming too much fat and alcohol abuse as well. Add some fermented foods in your diet and start leading a healthier lifestyle in order to correct the problem.


Kidney and lung problems – acne on the cheeks

Acne on the cheeks is usually a result of poor hygiene or some kind of problem with the lungs or kidneys. In order to fix the problem, make sure to pay more attention to your personal hygiene and avoid consuming too much sugar.

Lung problems – acne on the upper part of the cheeks

Acne on the upper part of the cheeks is a sign of air pollution or smoking. Simply stop smoking or avoid going out in times of high pollution in order to make them disappear.


Bladder and small intestine – acne on the forehead

Acne on the forehead are associated with problems with the small intestine and bladder. This is caused by constant consumption of fatty foods and lack of fiber in your diet. Stress and alcohol abuse can also cause bad digestion and toxic buildup, which will show in the form of acne on the forehead.



Hormonal imbalance – acne on the jaw and neck

Acne on the jaw and neck are usually a result of hormonal imbalance which can cause quite a lot of problems in your body. To put your hormones in order, start leading a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods as well. Reducing your caffeine and sodium intake will help as well.

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