>fellas it's rick the stick reporting in. >here to drop a sticky load of knowledge

>fellas it's rick the stick reporting in
>here to drop a sticky load of knowledge
>on you do you understand what i'm saying
>a knowledge that's gonna stick to your
>brain do you understand what i'm saying
>i'm talking about something that you're
>gonna incorporate very easily on a daily
>basis that will literally improve every
>aspect of your life okay
>now listen you don't have to follow my
>advice but i know the members of the
>sticky legion okay
>listen you know i don't steer you wrong
>the things i recommend i do because i
>believe in it it works i know it
>freaking works and sometimes i even you
>know i'm freaking sitting around and
>it's like you know if something just
>hits me like a ton of bricks and it's
>like wow
>i must be the chosen one from the
>freaking galaxy because there's no other
>reason that this
>this freaking wealth of knowledge just
>exploded in my mind
>and i'm spreading it right to you guys
>and here's the deal fellas we all know i
>like sucking
>coffee okay
>i love it i love it it's part of my day
>and somebody say well sticky ricky you
>know it's not good to drink a lot of
>coffee and that's a that's a whole
>freaking topic of debate for a different
>day you know what i'm saying because
>some people
>you know there's some studies that show
>that the more cups of coffee you consume
>the uh freaking less chance of mortality
>or something along those lines you know
>don't take my word for looking up for
>your freaking self okay
>but um
>you know coffee and tea are the two you
>know the freaking richest supplies back
>antioxidants for the world okay so think
>about that for a second so i know some
>people comment and say well del hagen
>you know that coffee comes at a price
>you know it's zapping you of your energy
>but i beg to differ because it's a
>freaking food you know it's the freaking
>water of a bean or a magic bean
>okay that yeah it has the caffeine and
>sometimes that you know will freaking

  1. 3 months ago

    >what goes up must come down but what's
    >coming with that caffeine is the
    >polyphenols okay
    >the rich flavonoids
    >the antioxidants uh nutrition that we
    >can't even fathom you know things that
    >cleanse the liver right things that
    >make the brain
    >the synapsis fire on all cylinders and
    >so i'm going to keep drinking that but
    >you know it hit me like a ton of bricks
    >it's like you know instead of adding to
    >the coffee because i like adding i like
    >doing lots of
    >you know
    >freaking servings of coffee in the cup
    >i might make a thick i want a thick cup
    >of coffee i don't want that water you
    >know i'm saying i want to be thick
    >and it just freaking struck me like a
    >bolt of lightning guys
    >this okay look at this organic cocoa
    >you look at the back there's zero
    >freaking grams of sugar you know what
    >i'm saying you know there's freaking um
    >you know 0.5 grams of fat there's one
    >gram of protons in it you know so you
    >got three grams of carbs 2 grams of
    >fiber and a freaking gram of protein i
    >mean listen what is this i'm not saying
    >that's even nutritionally dense
    >but i've learned this
    >from over a decade ago
    >that cacao
    >is one of the richest superfoods in the
    >world with the
    >the um
    >profile of benefits you know so i had to
    >go back and i did a little deep digging
    >little research
    >into this because i just sucked down two
    >cups of instant coffee with two
    >uh teaspoons
    >you know we're gonna we're gonna we're
    >gonna keep bumping it up but i don't
    >even know what teas whatever two
    >spoonfuls of cocoa
    >and my brain
    >is firing and it makes sense because one
    >of the biggest effects
    >better cognitive function now fellas i
    >did a deep dive research okay but i
    >remember everything in particular so i'm
    >not going to give you the reasons why
    >but let me talk about the things the
    >brain fires better okay
    >also it increases serotonin so you feel
    >better it's got anti-depressant
    >defects it'll it's a mood booster an
    >energy freaking lifter

  2. 3 months ago

    >okay it lowers blood pressure fellas now
    >let's that's a key one if you're sucking
    >down cups of coffee this is a freaking
    >natural stimulant as well
    >natural stimulant but very healthy
    >okay so now you're stacking your
    >stimulants but you're very you're you're
    >natural healthy stimulants okay
    >this is coffee and cacao
    >okay so it's gonna help lower the blood
    >pressure not you could say well sticky
    >ricky you're sucking down you know 10
    >cups of coffee you're not lowering your
    >blood pressure and that may be but it's
    >the effects fellas the accumulative
    >effects spike the blood pressure when
    >you want the freaking muscles and veins
    >pressurized for the big lips
    >but then afterwards you know get the
    >freaking flavonoids and polyphenols
    >doing their magic to lower your resting
    >blood pressure it lowers
    >cholesterol okay it improves the
    >cholesterol profile
    >the antioxidants of course make it great
    >for preventing cancer
    >you know we talked about the health we
    >talked about the brain we talked about
    >the mood uh let's talk about freaking
    >muscle building what is it called uh
    >epi ketchen or something like some
    >stupid whatever it's a
    >it's a nutrient okay that supplement
    >companies market as a muscle builder
    >that's all natural in here
    >there's a polyphenol
    >in the cocoa that's similar to
    >clenbuterol in terms of its effects on
    >fat burning okay
    >there's a study on that all right it's
    >very similar
    >uh the mechanism of how that works
    >it increases nitric oxide production you
    >know what that means that means thick
    >juicy pumps and thicker juicier fat
    >shafts if you know what i'm saying right
    >you want that freaking blood flow when
    >you want that you know whether you're
    >you know training the back or in the
    >sack you know
    >there's so many benefits to it i
    >honestly can't even remember them all
    >you just if you honestly look up you
    >know ben and listen here's another thing
    >too here's another thing as well people
    >that sucked down

  3. 3 months ago

    >more chocolate okay and here's the
    >difference you know we're talking about
    >coke we're not talking about chocolate
    >and you want to get it you know as rich
    >cocoa as possible you don't have to be
    >all processed and stuff so
    >you know i don't know it doesn't even
    >whatever on here but this ain't you know
    >zero grams of sugar and so this is just
    >this is just freaking cocoa you know
    >what i'm saying
    >uh damn it i forgot what i was talking
    >about ah
    >nikes okay but anyways there's a study
    >people that sucked down chocolate okay
    >versus people that didn't
    >consuming more calories they actually
    >lost weight easier okay
    >now that can go both ways and there was
    >another study saying you know not
    >actually gain more weight but it doesn't
    >matter now this is in the world of
    >studies okay anything's possible but i'm
    >just saying there's so many freaking
    >uh on coco that it's this you know just
    >ah pocket contains performance enhancing
    >benefits like so many of them
    >that i'm not gonna draw this video out
    >anymore but you would be a freaking god
    >dang buffoon not to throw this in your
    >drink and then i'll also guys
    >you know this ain't gonna this ain't
    >like adding creamers and freaking belts
    >sugars and stuff to your coffee just
    >pure cocoa and then you can throw some
    >iron and some potassium in there as well
    >you know what i'm saying electrolytes

  4. 3 months ago

    I respect what you're doing here OP, but this pasta is way too long and I give up not even halfway through the first post. You should condense it.

    • 3 months ago

      its the transcript of bugez latest vid and is as condensed as this complex idea can get

      • 3 months ago

        Kek. I didnt even realize until other anons said it. Bugez videos always sound the same.

  5. 3 months ago

    Are you going to do this with every Rick video now? I like what you're doing there

    • 3 months ago

      Ahhahahahah i got though your first post and i was thinking "daaaaaaaaamn you got his speaking style ON POINT"
      all the bullshit
      all the digression
      all the mannerisms

      But then this guy made me realize that it was an actual transcription.

      Fuck that guy is a living meme :*~~

  6. 3 months ago

    I've been waiting

  7. 3 months ago

    who doesn't drink choco milk

  8. 3 months ago

    I have no patience to read this, but is this bro just greentexting the transcription of Rick's videos?

  9. 3 months ago

    Very true. I drink 8 cups a day, sometimes more.

  10. 3 months ago

    Eric’s become one of those weekly “fact” articles where one week they’re telling you eggs are healthy then the next week they say you’re killing yourself by eating them always with the titles “THE ONE THING THATS KILLING YOU”

    • 3 months ago

      He always was like this

      • 3 months ago

        Nah things like the garlic actually have benefits to health and fitness. The downside being you literally sweat garlic if you take the proper amount. No it’s bugs, nicotine gum (just smoke a cig fag), cocoa, a bag of bagels, etc

        • 3 months ago

          but it's funny and i don't think he wants people to take him seriously...

        • 3 months ago

          I don't want to suck the guys dick too much but ze bugs do fufill a benefit and so do the bagels. It's just a way to get calories and protein in and a continuation of his gomad advice he used to give a few years back. No idea about the nicotine or cacoa. It's just meme advice to get that extra 1 percent. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't work but it's something to try.

          • 3 months ago

            The bagels shit is worst interpretation of “just getting calories and protein” it’s a literal pound of bread along with the other stuff he eats he’s getting like 5+ pounds of food a day. He can’t just be normal and do gomad or peanut butter or some shit like that because it needs to be slightly different enough to warrant the title “SECRET TIP FROM DICK DA STICK ABOUt GAINS”
            >but ze bugs do fufill a benefit

            • 3 months ago

              Sorry bro but you're just hating. Which is easy because he sold out hard in the last two years but his advice follows the same principles. It's just lift heavy, eat big and experiment. You are only so opposed to it now because he is so obviously putting on an act in his new videos.

            • 3 months ago

              The whole deal with the bagels is that it's affordable and easy to eat in large quantities. It's not just about calories and protein, it's about carbing up and making sure your muscles are packed with glycogen to ensure you don't just zap your energy. Simple carbs also raise blood insulin levels which is very beneficial to muscle protein synthesis. And when you get enough calories, you spare protein for muscle building instead of using it for energy.

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