Full body dumbbell-only workout routine

I have a pair of dumbbells and I want to get IST. I don't want to become an advanced, chiseled Chad, I just want to just make the most optimal use of my dumbbells.
What exercises to do? How many reps? How many days a week?

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    bump pls help

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      the basics like db floor press is a must
      also the db squats, and lunges with db

      bulgarian as well

      dn worry i was bumping, i got a call from my aunt

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        too vague, I am exercise-illiterate. I wrecked my tendons by overexercising, so I need a non-strenuous home workout routine I can do with my dumbbells.
        I need the specifics, like:
        >warm up: do xyz for xyz time.
        >do these 10 exercises with 3 sets and 8 reps
        >do this 3 times a week with 48 hours of rest inbetween
        stuff like this
        I don't want to improvise on my own and wreck my body further

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      bro you gotta do some meditation first, it's not healthy panicking this much

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        also posts in this board get archived rather quick

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    also, how long does it take for results to show? is lifting weights a good method to lose weight?

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    >what exercises to do?
    There are pushing motions and pulling motions, then there are legs.
    You want to push horizontally and vertically.
    Vertical is easy with dumbbells. I personally like standing single-arm dumbbell presses. focus on form and keeping your core tight.
    Horizontal push exercises are easy too. Do db floor press like the other anon said. Do push up variations too (like close grip) depending on your current fitness level.
    You want to pull horizontally and vertically too.
    Horizontal is easier here. Do dumbbell rows.
    If you don't have a pull up bar it's kind of difficult to pull vertically though. Do reverse flies.
    Do squats with the dumbbells on your shoulders. Do bulgarian split squats. Do weighted lunges. Do romanian dead lifts with your dumbbells. Do hip thrusts with a dumbbell and cushion your crotch with a towel (use a chair or your bed to support your shoulders).
    >misc./accessories and arms
    Curl (hammer, pronated, supinated, concentration)
    Do skull crushers with your dumbbells and dips on the edge of your bed or chair. Or use two chairs to do dips (but be careful to make sure they don't tip (not recommended if you're a beginner)).
    You're already hitting them with the db press, but you can also do lateral raises.

    >how many reps?
    It depends on your goals.
    >size ("hypertrophy")
    Aim for 12-16 reps.
    5-12 depending on muscle group (lower is generally better for strength, but mix it up)
    look into plyometrics in addition to the exercises I listed above.

    >how many days a week?
    It depends on your current experience, goals, and free time.
    Tell me more about yourself. What is your age, how much experience do you have, what are your goals, and how much free time do you have?

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      I have elbow tendinosis, forearm tendinosis, knee tendinosis, achille's heel tendonitis, plantar fasciitis tendinosis
      I am 22 years old. My experience is crap, I tried to exercise on my own at home and caused all of these chronic tendinopathies.
      1-2 hours a day free time

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        If you are this crippled don't talk to IST but to a fucking doctor you ape

      • 4 months ago

        If you're serious you should speak to your doctor.

        • 4 months ago

          they only prescribe NSAIDs

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    This is db ppl that I do, is pretty nice

    • 4 months ago

      Also the you can do the core workout like 3 times a week

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    >I don't want to become an advanced, chiseled Chad
    Lmao you think it's that easy you mongoloid? trust me, you won't and never will.

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    Just want to get toned I see

    • 4 months ago

      yeah, i always hear this "get some exercise" advice going around for literally every problem I have (depression, insomnia, studying) and I realized its time I do this light exercise

  8. 4 months ago

    Adjustable dumbbells you can add more plates to? Fierce 5:
    Pair of fixed-weight dumbbells? You're better off picking up a calisthenics routine and using the dumbbells as added weight. If you're an absolute cockmongling gay and insist on only using those two dumbbells, Buff Dudes has a program specifically for this:

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