Has anyone here tried quitting coffee for one reason or another? If so, what did you notice when you stopped?

Has anyone here tried quitting coffee for one reason or another? If so, what did you notice when you stopped?

  1. 3 months ago

    >what did you notice
    More coffee threads on IST to get me to start again.

  2. 3 months ago

    >what did you notice when you stopped?
    i quit cold turkey and got a headache for 2 weeks

  3. 3 months ago

    Quit it twice because I got to the point of drinking like 2 pots a day and got anxiety and weird feelings. I drink coffee now, but avoiding drinking it black and adding lots of sugar and milk seems to prevent the negative effects I was getting

    • 3 months ago

      >sugar and milk on a coffee
      oh boy

    • 2 months ago

      >I drink coffee now, but avoiding drinking it black and adding lots of sugar and milk seems to prevent the negative effects I was getting
      Why not just get decaf or brew it less strong to begin with? You can also combine it with green tea, it goes will with caffeine by mellowing the effect so you don't get anxiety.

  4. 3 months ago

    After years of drinking a fuckton of coffee and energy drinks interchangeably I cut energy garden gnomes completely and switched to like 3 cups dark roast in the morning only.

    Your sleep improves, you need less sleep, you may take more naps, idk. You rember your dreams more, and get less headaches.

    Little change otherwise though

    • 3 months ago

      >I quit drinking fuckton of coffee and energy
      >I still drink 3 cups of coffee a day
      you need help

      • 3 months ago

        Maybe but I've gone cold turkey before and I just enjoy it in the mornings. Believe me, out of all the things I need help with, my relatively moderate coffee consumption isn't one of them

        • 3 months ago

          >3 cups
          >relatively moderate

  5. 3 months ago

    Gone cold turkey several times from drinking 6-7 cups a day. I felt tired for like two days and then I was fine. I missed the coffee making and drinking ritual, though, it calmed me down and gave me something to do so I could organise my thoughts.

  6. 3 months ago

    Quit and restarted so many times i lost count
    >be completely hooked
    >day is noticeably shittier when I don’t have caffeine
    >energy levels and mood peak and wane based on caffeine
    >want to quit
    >feel dumb, slow, uncoordinated, sleep 10 hours a night
    >everything sucks, no attention span, cant even play video games just lay around all day with zero effort entertainment in the background
    >this goes on for like a week
    >gets better
    >after about two weeks I finally start finding enjoyment in things
    >energy levels a lot more consistent, no crashing, appetite back to normal
    >tolerance is probably down at this point
    >see some guy taking preworkout blasting edm
    >”damn that looks fun, ill have an energy drink tomorrow before lifting”
    >have a sip
    >incredible taste
    >mood is amazing
    >lifts are killer
    >”holy shit this is awesome”
    >slowly get sucked back in
    >next thing you know, back to 300 mg caffeine a day just to feel normal
    >back to square one
    Yea im retarded

  7. 3 months ago

    I became irritable. I'll never quit again as long as the magic of the supply chain from the tropics holds up.

  8. 3 months ago

    i quit all caffeine. i noticed anger and agitation for the first week, and from then on realized i didn't need caffeine for anything. It's mild stimulant at best for cogntive activities like chess. Use it as needed for the *tiniest* edge in a cognitive task and not as part of the course a normal day. I also noticed I dont have that wiry kind of feeling where you can literally feel the cortisol and a tiny slight headache after having caffeine because i dont have it everyday. Id have that wiry feeling everyday and assumed it was normal but it's not and its releasing the cortisol that ages you and fucks your gains and makes your mood shitty. I rec quitting

  9. 3 months ago

    Yeah, quitted it for two years. The reason was a bit stupid. I was doing serious cardio. Running sub 40 minute 10k, and my resting heart rate was mid 40s. I gave up coffee to see if I could get it under 40.
    It was dumb as shit and I don't even remember if I succeeded.
    I used to drink it everyday before that. Now the only time I have coffee is at work.

    • 3 months ago

      I started drinking coffee in college and noticed it killed my wrestling cardio

  10. 3 months ago

    Not a lot. Slightly longer to get my energy levels up in the morning but not enough to affect anything negatively. Never got caffeine withdrawal headaches, which I consider basedlet nocebo.

    • 3 months ago

      It's not nocebo.

      I used to get headaches every sunday and I didn't know why. Even went to a doctor. Realized the problem was at work I would drink coffee multiple times a day but during the weekend I didn't, leading to the sunday headache.

    • 3 months ago

      consider all you want, but caffeine slightly constricts blood vessels in the brain, which your brain gets used to after a while. when ceasing consumption of caffeine, your blood vessels expand, causing a slight pressure in your cranium, thus leading to a headache.

  11. 3 months ago

    I never drank it to begin with. had monster a couple times.

  12. 3 months ago

    Coffee is a crutch for the weak. It does basically fuck all for you while also ruining your hormonal state. Stopped coffee because it's a drug and I'm no goddamned addict

  13. 3 months ago

    Quitting coffee resulted in a worsening of my sleep maintenance insomnia that lasted almost two weeks, but the feeling of serenity in the absence of pointless stimulation was a rewarding transitional experience. After those two weeks the insomnia I had had for a few years improved and the energy I feel throughout the day is much more consistent. The cognitive benefits are probably largely due to the remission of insomnia, but also with caffeine, it was like various parts of my brain were being shut off from each other (something I could observe with acute dosing of caffeine) which was sort of like a mental tunnel vision. This was also killing my working memory. Both of these things have improved for me personally after quitting. Also if you are prone to excess anxiety it is doing you no favours.

  14. 3 months ago

    I noticed that I can't stop.

  15. 3 months ago

    quit for 3 months once
    >felt well rested when i woke up
    >no anxiety
    >no fatigue every day
    >started dreaming again
    >black circles under eyes gone
    >social retardation suddenly gone
    >didnt feel sick after eating
    >nearly got rid of procrastination
    i really hate that i started again.

  16. 3 months ago

    Gave it up last summer. Didn't notice any difference. When the weather started getting colder, had a cup one morning. Laxative effect cut in almost at once.

  17. 3 months ago

    I tried to cut back on caffeine and got terrible headaches. I wish I would quit drinking coffee altogether, it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth and makes me shit about 2 minutes after I drink it. But God dann, that first sio of the hot brown nectar of the gods in the morning always gets me.

  18. 3 months ago

    quit coffee. addicted to cocoa

    • 3 months ago

      didnt really quit caffeine then did you

  19. 3 months ago

    I quit six years ago after a decade of 2+ cups/day. Should've quit sooner.

  20. 3 months ago

    yes, i feel dirty after drinking it, i rather drink tea.
    it was harder to quit than i thought. that post dinner coffee is too good

  21. 3 months ago

    4 coffees even 5 are completely safe you can quit now for 90 percent loss of any joy you have left in your day

  22. 3 months ago

    Caffeine is a drug. Used on a light to moderate basis it can be performance enhancing - mentally and physically. But the comments in this thread demonstrate how caffeine abuse creates dependency and like abusing any other drug leaves you worse off. If you're having >500mg of caffeine daily you need to sort it out because you've got problems. If you're having 500mg>300mg of caffine daily, you're in a danger zone. Aim for less <300mg max in a day, on an as needed basis. Having a coffee in the morning can be a great ritual and is a good part of a routine. If one cup of coffee has ~100mg caffeine, then start thinking strategically about when to have another throughout the week. Got an important meeting? Have a coffee 30 minutes before. Use it as a PED, do not be consoomerist moroncattle.

  23. 3 months ago

    I stopped drinking coffee because it gives me explosive diarrhea.

  24. 3 months ago

    I just like the taste, quitted it several times to see if I can see any difference and I didn't. I drink 1-2 cups for years now. There was one time when my favorite coffee shop closed and my coffee was over and I felt just lazy to find new coffee shop and I didn't drink coffee for a moth, and again didn't notice any changes.

  25. 3 months ago

    Quit coffee easily because of cortisol and aging. Looking at Chuando Tan put the end of caffeine for me.

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