I'm done with the black pill. I WILL lose weight. I WILL grow muscles. I WILL become a programmer.

I'm done with the black pill.
I WILL lose weight.
I WILL grow muscles.
I WILL become a programmer.
I WILL obtain my driver's license.
I WILL buy a car.
I WILL move to a better place.
I WILL learn to draw.
I WILL create my own video game.
I WILL manifest the life I desire.
I WILL have standards for my life.

  1. 2 months ago

    Not even unrealistic goals. You could probably do it as long as you don't lose motivation.

    • 2 months ago

      This is all you'll ever need. You don't need anything else extra. You could be as rock fucking bottom as humanly possible, but as long as you have the motivation, you can come out in the end living a good life. I just wish I had that sort of motivation.

  2. 2 months ago

    I have no jokes for this post, good luck anon
    Take a good hit of euphoria from the encouragement here, but the next hit should be when you see results
    Read on the power process

  3. 2 months ago

    YAGMI anon. Godspeed.

  4. 2 months ago

    No you won't gay. You'll drop this like you have everything else in your life

    • 2 months ago

      dont listen to this gay he is like the demons dragging you down ascend anon ascend!

  5. 2 months ago

    just stop wanking and itll all be yours

  6. 2 months ago

    >I WILL lose weight.
    Did this, not too hard.
    >I WILL grow muscles.
    Haven't done this. I should. I'll start working out now.
    >I WILL become a programmer.
    Did this. Not that hard tbh, just time consuming.
    >I WILL obtain my driver's license.
    Failed 3 times, got it on the 4th!
    >I WILL buy a car.
    I'm working on this now!
    >I WILL move to a better place.
    I need to do this
    >I WILL learn to draw.
    I would love to do this, I really should
    >I WILL create my own video game.
    I did! It's on Steam, 88% positive rating
    >I WILL manifest the life I desire.
    I still have no idea what I even want, sounds like you do? That's a step in the right direction!
    >I WILL have standards for my life.
    something I also need

    You sound like you're going to do it anon. I believe in you!

  7. 2 months ago

    Ah man, over the years I've made few threads like that because I actually got some short motivational period. It ends fast. I really tried growing muscles and really changing my life for good but all the times it failed because the motivation thing was gone.

    I hope yours is not like mine. Good luck. Don't end up like me.

  8. 2 months ago

    I did all those things except have standards in my life.
    Know what the outcome was?
    Total despair and attempted suicide when after all this time, money, effort and energy, it changed precisely nothing in that I was still friendless and gfless, still got 0 attention from anyone, but now I no longer had anything else to look forward to IMPROOOOOOVING to cope about my situation. No longer could I say "well I'm sad but I can't really complain until I improve this", because I have achieved the peak in literally every changeable aspect. Meanwhile I'm getting old, and unlike you unlucky balding acne-face fucks, I have no such problem. Now I have about 3 more years before, realistically, there is no point in ever trying anymore, because I'll be too old, and even if I do find a girl, she would be incapable of having kids anymore.

    • 2 months ago

      Not OP, just some random anon. I've been thinking about your message for a while, but I don't know what to say. I hope you make it, anon. 3 years is time enough if you've already done all that.

      • 2 months ago

        Thanks for the thought, anon.
        What I mean by 3 years is that I'm 37 and I've wasted my entire 20's trying to 'self improve' and got nothing for it in 9 years (i.e. from when I achieved all these things to now). I feel like once I hit 40, I just can't expect to find a girl who could give me children, and all I wanted out of life was a loving wife, some kids, a house and a job to support it all. I feel like if I can't have children, then the best I can hope for is to at least make one good friend, but I've tried for so long and so hard to make even one friend and that hasn't worked out either so I'm not holding my hopes up. This means all I have to look forward to is slaving away for shlomo and death. What's the point? Why did I work myself so hard for? Why did I "waste" my time "improving" myself? What's all this money I am accumulating, for? It will never be enough to make a difference, it's too much for my own mundane uses, and I have nobody to share it with. What am I doing with my life, and more importantly, what even CAN I do?
        I never felt that way before I "improved". As I said, I always just felt, "well, maybe I really am not good enough, I'll just work on this, it's only right that people don't like me if I'm not my best self".
        Having lost this excuse, I just got to stare in the abyss. Not to say I'm perfect, obviously, merely that anything left seems to be inherent to my very being. Maybe I'm just that ugly or maybe I'm too much of a sperg (likely both), but being faced with this complete emptiness of meaning broke me.
        I'm doing better now, relatively (I do drink my sorrows away, it helps a fuckton), but I also keep considering suicide. If nothing improves in the next 3 years, it's very likely it'll be the last anyone will hear of me, especially since I found that every year, it becomes harder to related to people, as their lives progress but mine stays still. How, then, will I ever be able to relate to someone, which is required to make firends?

        • 2 months ago

          Sounds pretty grim, have you tried therapy? I can somewhat relate to you, at some point I was cooped up for about three and a half years, but was able to reintegrate on my own. The last optimistic thought that life is still ahead of me has evaporated, I am suspecting this was the much needed push

          • 2 months ago

            >at some point I was cooped up for about three and a half years, but was able to reintegrate on my own.
            Glad you managed, anon. I hope you won't fall in my hole. Ever.

            >Sounds pretty grim, have you tried therapy?
            I tried therapies 3 times, 2 CBT and 1 "standard". I felt at some of my worst because of them. I quit the "standard" one after 3 visits because I couldn't take anymore (I was literally puking my guts out when I hit home after the 2nd visit and I thought I was going to again during the 3rd when I called quits). I completed one of the CBT ones (it was a group setting) to the end but every time I had a non-mindfulness session, it was a shitshow. The mindfulness days were also a shitshow, just not as much. The other CBT program I quit before the end because it was going exactly the same as the previous one.

            >I am suspecting this was the much needed push
            Maybe something like that will also happen to me when the time comes. I don't know if it would be any better than ending it though.

            I also hope that other anons won't make the same... mistake? Whatever that is.

            • 2 months ago

              Thanks mate, hope you will find something to keep you going.
              Phenibut and shrooms kinda helped, maybe they'll assist you as well.

        • 2 months ago

          I'm currently 27 and I feel like I'm on the same track as you. I feel stuck in some sort of eternal preparation. "I need to be better before I get to do X, Y, Z." I've felt that way for a long time, but your post is making me see that I have to go for X, Y, Z even if I'm not fully prepared. I can do the improvement in parallel, because I'll never be ready anyway and I'm just cucking myself.

          That being said, I think you still have time to pursue a family. I've seen men have their first child in their early forties (given their partner was in their early to mid thirties). I think it's possible for you to manage before that 3-year window if you managed to do all the rest, but even if you don't 40 is an arbitrary number. It can still happen at 42 and so on (although, there is a limit at some point).

          And I don't think there's a time limit on friendship. Don't limit yourself in that way. I've related to a lot of different people. You'll never find that person that perfectly matches your experience, but you can relate to certain specific things with one person and other thing with another. I think that's enough.

          Wishing you the best, anon. Your post helped me.

  9. 2 months ago

    A glimpse of what /LULZ/ used to be like.
    Good luck and hopefully you can get out of this hole soon

  10. 2 months ago

    >lose weight
    >grow muscles
    Cope but whatever
    >become a programmer
    If javashit web apps are your thing, sure.
    >buy a car
    No you wont.
    >move to a better place
    I'll see you in hell
    >learn to draw
    No you wont
    >create my own video game
    No you wont
    > manifest the life I desire
    No you wont
    >have standards
    You already don't.

  11. 2 months ago

    yeah go ahead and try gay

  12. 2 months ago

    Here's three simple tips for learning how to draw OP
    >Have fun
    >Challenge yourself constantly
    >Do realism, LOTS of it

  13. 2 months ago

    you have already planted the seed you will make it, though when how or where i do not know. i just hope your journey brings you closer to your truth, best of luck anon

  14. 2 months ago

    I am a thin programmer with a car and a house who writes novels as a hobby and none of that has helped in the least.

    I don't discourage you from doing these things, bro, but don't have any illusions about the end state.

  15. 2 months ago

    i wanted to be negative and say you wont do any of those things cause im a nihilist and dont even believe in myself,
    but honestly anon, good for you. its good to see people be motivated and refuse to be a slave to their situation.
    your words have motivated me to do the same. thank you based anon.

  16. 2 months ago

    What's in your mind op, what will be your game about?

  17. 2 months ago

    Start with the first couple of steps and once you see that is attainable, you will definitely have the will to carry on with the rest of it. Good luck fren

  18. 2 months ago

    Based OP. I am doing that right now. Been doing alternate-day fasting and losing weight.

    Pro-tip: If you get a gf get one that likes to go outside or work out. I lost 50 pounds and weighed the lowest I ever did and got a girlfriend who liked to eat. Gained it all back and we broke up.

  19. 2 months ago

    what if lasting depression and feel of nonsense is done by years of porn and it's not possible to entirely revert it?

  20. 2 months ago

    pick 2, retard

  21. 2 months ago

    See you same time tomorrow gay

  22. 2 months ago

    You're not done with the blackpill, you just decided to see if it's truly over for you or not.
    The blackpill is genetic determinism, not nihilism. If improving changes your life circumstances, that's a different case than if improving wouldn't have.

  23. 2 months ago

    Do it anon.

    It won't be easy and will take longer than you hope but you can/will make it.

    I believe in you

  24. 2 months ago

    i have one thing to say
    you go get 'em

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