What does your current workout routine look like?

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  1. 4 weeks ago

    7 Days a week of either squats or zercher deadlifts, some kind of press or chin ups

    • 4 weeks ago

      Similar to this, but also with snatch/clean and jerk.

      • 4 weeks ago

        i prefer to jerk, then clean, 7 days a week. usually at night

        • 4 weeks ago

          It feels way better when you hold it in for a few days

  2. 4 weeks ago

    This is what I'll be doing from now on. Previously I had a secondary and primary bench day, but I more or less achived my short term goals, and to much benching taxes my elbows and shoulders.

    Day 1 - OHP

    -4 sets*
    Wide grip Pull-up
    -4 sets*
    Weighted Push-up
    -4 sets*
    DB flye + Face-pull
    EZ Strict Curl + Rope Push-down

    Day 2 - Secondary Squat

    Paused Squat*
    -3x6 paused
    Snatch grip RDL
    -3x8 Prog.2
    Meadows Row
    -3 sets Beat the Books
    Pistol Squat* + Weighted Decline Sit-up
    DB Calf raise + EZ Upright Row*

    Day 4 - Ring Dips

    Weighted Ring Dips
    -4 sets*
    Seal Row
    -4x8 Progression 2
    Incline Bench Press
    -4 sets*
    Ring Rack Chins* + Egyptian raise
    Arnold Curl + EZ French Press*

    Day 6 - Primary Squat

    High Bar Squat
    -Zodd protocol
    -2x5, 1xamrap, % based
    45deg grip Pull-up
    -3 sets Beat the Books
    DB Sissy Squat + Seated Calf raise
    Cap'n Leg raise + Leg Curls

  3. 4 weeks ago

    Every day is whatever muscle in my body isn’t sore day.

  4. 4 weeks ago

    Whole body, every other day. A curl, press, a ballistic like snatch or clean, lunge. I dont do it every week but often i will ramp up front/squats or deadlift to a slick double or a triple. I have moronic huge lats so do chinups/rows 1x a week.

  5. 4 weeks ago

    I do full body:
    - some type of jumping to warm up
    - 3x6-8 on heavy compound
    - 3x8-10 on compound not done above (ex, if I squat 3x6 I’ll bench here) and superset abs
    - 3x8-10 back exercise super set glamour muscle lift
    - 3x8-12 triceps, biceps, and more glamour muscle

    3 days a week and 1 long run day. I can get in and out of gym in about an hour and 15 before work so this has worked great for me.

  6. 4 weeks ago

    Dogshit routine

  7. 4 weeks ago


  8. 4 weeks ago

    I literally just max my deadlift 5-6 times a week and go home. I hate women so much

  9. 4 weeks ago

    All pause sets unless noted. A pause set is like one set to failure followed by partial rest and repping out to failure again partial rest and repping out to failure again and potentially again. Usually shooting for a certain number of reps with a weight rather than static number of sets.
    Split squat 3 straight sets
    Incline bench
    Weighted pullups
    Ab work
    Lat raises (slow rep)
    1 pause set on everything with reps around 15 at 80% orm
    RDL 3 straight sets
    Ring pushup
    Ring row + weight
    Back extensions if I feel like it
    Barbell squat 3 straight sets
    Calf raises
    Flat bench
    Weighted chins
    Hamstring curl
    Ring dips
    Ring pullup
    Db pullover
    Back extensions

    Just run it Monday through Friday with whatever rotating day having two that week and cycling like that. I like the pause sets a lot i feel like they're working not better or worse than anything else but it's working and it's less time in the gym

  10. 4 weeks ago

    >push ups
    Sets till failure

    >reverse hyper
    >hip thrusts

    >overhead press
    >front/side raises

    >skull crushers
    >close grip

    30-45 min cardio on most of those days.

    Any feed back?

  11. 4 weeks ago

    Personally, I'm working my way through the Recommended Routine and its progressions.
    It's not much, but it's gotten my weight down by a lot in the past few months, and now I'm starting to whittle through BF.

  12. 4 weeks ago

    Just started this today, trying to put more emphasis on the “sweep”(big chest and shoulders with a big upper back to bring it all together).
    The Legs and arms are still taken great care of.
    I don’t really care about traps, I already have great genetics for them and they get indirectly worked on other lifts.

    Here’s the first variation of the routine.

    Day 1: SWEEP DAY(Back/Shoulder Focused)
    * Flat Benchpress(4X4,6,8,10)+Weighted Pull-Ups(8-10)
    * Sitting DB Press(4X8,6,4,2)+Face-Pulls(10-12)
    * Cable Rows(4X12,12,10,8)+DB Lateral Raises(12)
    * Sitting Calve Raises(5X12)

    Day 2: Legs/Biceps/Triceps
    * Squats(4X4,6,8,10)+Lean Beef Raises(8-10)
    * Leg Curls(4X8,6,4,2)+DB Hammer Curls(10-12)
    * Close Feet Leg Press(4X10,10,8,6)+French Press(8-10)
    * EZ Bar Curls(5X15,12,12,10,8)

    Day 3: SWEEP DAY(Shoulder/Chest focused)
    * Overhead Press(4X4,6,8,10)+Close Grip Lat Pulldowns(8-10)
    * DB Rows(4X8,6,4,2)+Incline Flyes(10-12)
    * Cable Crossovers(4X12,12,10,8)+Behind the Neck Press(6-8)
    * Standing Calve Raises(5X10)

    Day 4: Legs/Biceps/Triceps
    * RDL’s(4X4,6,8,10)+Decline Crunches(8-10)
    * Leg Extensions(4X8,6,4,2)+Reverse Curls(10-12)
    * Incline Curls(4X12,12,10,8)+Skullcrushers(6-8)
    * Pushdowns(5X12,10,10,8,6)

    Day 5: SWEEP DAY(Back/Chest focused)
    * Weighted Chin-Ups(4X4,6,8,12+)+Incline Benchpress(6-8)
    * Flat Machine Press(4X8,6,4,2)+Rear Delt Flyes(10-12)
    * Barbell Rows(4X12,12,10,8)+Cable Lateral Raises(10-12)
    * Sitting Calve Raises(5X12)

  13. 4 weeks ago

    >dumbbell bench
    >hammer strength chest press
    >pec deck
    >weighted dips
    >v bar pushdowns
    >upright rows
    >lat/front raises superset
    >barbell rows
    >weighted pullups
    >one arm dumbbell rows
    >neutral grip lat pulldowns
    >one arm dumbbell preacher curls
    >hammer curls
    >reverse pec deck
    >adductor/abductor superset
    >hack squat
    >leg press
    >leg extensions
    >stiff legged deadlift
    >leg curls
    sunday to friday, and i do abs on one day and forearms on the next

  14. 4 weeks ago

    What do we think of my newbie routine
    Three weeks in

    • 4 weeks ago

      why does our opinion on it matter?
      >are you doing the lifts you like
      >do you feel like youre recovering properly
      >have you standardised your form
      >is the weight consistently progressing
      if the answer to all 4 of these is yes, then its a good routine regardless of whatever there is in the screenshot

      • 4 weeks ago

        Well, I wouldn't exactly stop doing it if I got showered with negative opinions, just curious if I'm missing a muscle group or something and maybe experienced guys could chime in
        But yeah, my progress after being sedentary for a decade is slower compared to most, but I guess the answer is indeed yes to all 4
        I threw max optimization out of the window when I decided to do three different squat variations instead of focusing on the be-all and end-all Back Squat, it looked like it'd be less boring this way

        • 4 weeks ago

          If anything, I’d say try to alternate Chin-Ups with bent over rows, the gains are amazing when you get gud at both.

    • 4 weeks ago

      generic beginner routine

    • 4 weeks ago

      >strength-based routine
      >with cardio 6 times a week
      this picture makes the powertard have a heart attack

  15. 4 weeks ago

    Three days a week

    OHP 3 x 5-8
    Lat Pulldown 3 x 10-15
    Squat 3 x 5-8
    Romanian Deadlift 3 x 10-15
    Dumbbell Bench Press 2 x 5-8
    Incline Curl 2 x 10-15
    Triceps Pressdown 2 x 10-15

  16. 4 weeks ago

    Week: A1 - B1 - C - A2 - B2 - C - X, Also, 2 times per week of Padel (sport) training, 60 min sessions.

    Barbell Back Squat - Warmup + 3x8
    Barbell Bench Press - Warmup + 3x8
    Wide Pulldowns - 3x8
    Preacher Curls - 3x10
    Leg Extensions - 3x10
    Stand&Seated Calf Raises - 2x10+2x10

    Barbell Overhead Press - Warmup + 3x8
    Conventional Deadlift - Warmup + 1x5
    Barbell Bent Over Rows - 3x8
    Unilateral French Press - 3x10
    Cable Lateral Raises - 3x10
    Rope Triceps Extensions - 3x10

    Indoor Bike 30 min @ 120-140bpm
    Leg Raises 3x10
    Heel Touches 3x10
    Plank 60s+
    Mobility Work for Squat & Shoulders

    Barbell Back Squat - Warmup + 3x8
    Barbell Bench Press - Warmup + 3x8
    Wide Pulldowns - 3x8
    Dumbell Hammer Curls - 3x10
    Romenian Deadlifts - 3x8
    Wirst Curls&Extensions - 2x10+2x10

    Barbell Overhead Press - Warmup + 3x8
    Conventional Deadlift - Warmup + 1x5
    Incline Barbell Bench Press - 3x8
    Unilateral French Press - 3x10
    Cable Lateral Raises - 3x10
    Face Pulls - 3x10

  17. 4 weeks ago

    i do whatever muscle group is not sore/repeated from last session. when you have any form of memory you dont need to write everything down

  18. 4 weeks ago

    Modified ongoing list to keep partial track. sometimes I go off base or add stuff depending

  19. 4 weeks ago

    6 days per week, 5-way split
    Still getting my gains back from years ago so idk how good this is

    Squat 4 sets of fahve
    RDLs 4 sets of 5-10
    Ab-wheel rollout 4 sets

    Bench fahve sets of fahve
    Weighted dips fahve sets of 8-10
    EZ bar skullcrushers 4 sets of 8-12

    Diddlies 4 sets of fahve
    Pullups fahve sets to near-failure
    Rows 3 sets of 8-10

    The Press fahve sets of fahve + 1 amrap at 75%
    Lateral raises 3 sets of 8-12
    Ab-wheel rollout 4 sets

    Barbell or db curls fahve sets of 10
    Hammer curls 3 sets of 8-12
    Wrist curls 3 sets of 15

  20. 4 weeks ago

    once a week, Saturday or Sunday:
    >squat 5 sets
    >bench 10 sets
    >lat pulldown 4 sets
    >triceps pushdown 6 sets
    >biceps curl 3 sets
    >facepull 3 sets
    >hamstring curl 2 sets
    >decline situp 2 sets

  21. 4 weeks ago
    • 4 weeks ago

      This really is what I'm doing now. But I'm starting SS in a few weeks.

    • 4 weeks ago


  22. 4 weeks ago

    I also train core everyday I train, as it is a weak point of mine. I do 3 sets of deadbugs with 1 timed plank/side plank set.

    >Pull ups x Dumbbell OHP superset
    >Inverted Rows x Push ups superset
    I add or remove weight to where I can do 10-12 reps in each set, getting to around 1 RIR. Sometimes I replace the push ups with dumbbell bench press and the rows with dumbbell rows or resistance band rows.
    >1 set of an external rotation exercise before each set/superset (I have existing impingement issues).

    >10 minutes of backward sledding to warm up, followed by slow tempo deep squats with a band around my knees to wake up my glutes.
    >Goblet squats on first leg day, walking lunges on second leg day. 3 sets basically to failure, although it can be hard to tell if it's true failure at 40+ reps.
    >Hamstring curls
    >Single leg standing calf raises
    >Single leg seated calf raises
    >Tibialis raises

    >Resistance band bicep curl x Resistance band tricep extension superset
    >Dumbbell bicep curl x Dumbbell tricep extension superset
    >Wrist roller
    >Forearm pronation x Forearm supination superset. arm wrestler style
    >One arm hang from pull up bar

  23. 4 weeks ago

    heres mine

    • 4 weeks ago

      PPL is really good to harmonize your physique if you're either a SS T-rex or someone like me who trained legs his whole life but never did arms (I do working sets of 10 leg extensions at 100kg, but can't bench 1pl for 1RM)

  24. 4 weeks ago

    My beginner routine:
    1: Chest fly, chest press, shoulder press, delt raise (all 4x12)
    2: Bicep curl, lat pulldown, bent over rows
    3: 70 sit ups, 2 sets of russian twists to failure
    Walk 3 miles every day

  25. 4 weeks ago

    Nothing special but this got me to 220kg DL, 180kg squat and 130kg bench. You go up till close to failure singles on the main lift part and then drop down and do 5x5 at whatever weights feels heavy enough to do 5 reps at.


  26. 4 weeks ago

    1x6-8 OHP
    1x6-8 Tapbar squats (deficit) / deadlifts
    1x6-8 Bench/incline
    1x6-8 rows/lat pulldowns/pull up

    twice a week. it is to minimize stress and aging while maintaining a adequate physique.

  27. 4 weeks ago

    Monday (Lower)
    Back Squat 3x3-5
    BB Walking Lunge 3x8-10 per leg
    Romanian Deadlift 3x8-12
    Weighted Pull Up 3x8-10
    Cable External Rotations 3×15-20

    Tuesday (Upper)
    Bench Press 3x4-6
    BB Row 3x6-8
    Weighted Dip 2x8-10
    Face Pull 3x12-20
    Tibia Raises 3×20-25

    Thursday (Lower)
    Deadlift 3x1-5
    Front Squat 3x5-8
    DB Split Squat + Goblet Squat Superset 3x15 each
    Weighted Pull Up 3x8-10
    Cable External Rotations 3×15-20

    Friday (Upper)
    Standing Overhead Press 3x4-6
    DB Row 3x8-10
    Weighted Push Up 2x12-20
    Back Extension 3×15-20
    Tibia Raises 3x20-25
    DB Farmer Carry 3x100m

    Ruck on Saturday

    When it’s time to switch it up I’m thinking of going for a Bro Split for fun.

  28. 4 weeks ago

    I rotate these 4 days but only doing 3 workouts a week, and I just try to add weight or reps or both depending on the exercise and I always warm up for several sets before the AMRAP sets with bands and plyometrics to get all my joints warm, so it’s more like 3-5 sets

    Upper (Horizontal and Arms)
    BB Bench 1xAMRAP
    BB Row 1xAMRAP
    DB Overhead Tricep Ext 4x15
    DB Supinating Curl 4x12

    Lower (Quad focus)
    BB Squat 1xAMRAP
    BB Lunge 2x15 each leg
    Toe to bar 3xAMRAP

    Upper (Vertical and Shoulders)
    BB Overhead Press 4xAMRAP
    Weighted Pullup 3xAMRAP
    Lateral Raise 2x20
    Rear Delt Fly 2x20

    Full Body
    Deadlift 1xAMRAP
    Incline Bench 4xAMRAP

  29. 4 weeks ago

    here's mine

  30. 4 weeks ago

    I started working out in last september but took a 2 month break since ny and only now returned

    2x12 leg extension / curl
    Squat 4x8 ( goblin squat works too )
    Bench Press 4x8
    Dumbbell Row 3x12
    Cable Lateral Raise 4x15
    Face Pull 4x15
    Triceps Pushdown 3x15
    Barbell Curl 410

    Pull up 4x5/Lat Pulldown 4x12
    Dumbbell overhead press 3x12
    Hammer Curl 3x10
    Machine Reverse Fly 4x15
    Lateral Raise 4x10
    Overhead Triceps extension 4x12
    Barbell/Trap Bar Shrug 4x10
    Hollow Body Hold 3x60 sec

    Wednesday: Rest

    Goblet Squat 4x12
    Chin up 3x AMRAP ( if cant do chin up do bent over barbell / dumbell row )
    Incline dumbbell bench 3x12
    Dumbbell curl 4x15
    Overhead Press 3x8
    Wrist Curl 2x12
    Deadlift hold 4x30 sec

    Barbell Row 4x8
    Close Grip Bench Press 3x12
    Lateral Raise 4x12
    Cable Reverse Fly 4x15
    Dumbbell Curl 3x10
    Dumbbell Shrug 4x15
    Hanging Knee Raise 3xAMRAP

    Saturday & Sunday : Rest

  31. 4 weeks ago


  32. 4 weeks ago

    not a single good routine in whole thread, you gays are absolutely reddit tier. Hopefully this thread is satire for your own good

    • 4 weeks ago

      post your routine dickhead

  33. 4 weeks ago

    - Overhead Press 531
    - Overhead press 5 sets x 10 reps (pick a weight)
    - Chins 50 reps, Curls 50 reps

    - Deadlift 531
    - Deadlift 5 sets x 10 reps
    - Dips 50 reps, Facepulls/Band pull aparts 100 reps

    - Bench Press 531
    - Bench press 5 sets x 10 reps
    - Pullups 50 reps, Curls 50 reps

    - Squat 531
    - Squat 5 sets x 10 reps
    - Dips 50 reps, Facepulls/Band pull aparts 100 reps

    Then also the following ln running days

    Running/cycling 30-60 min

    Single leg work:
    Tibia Raises/Calf Raises
    Lunge forward over knee/Nordic curls

    Mobility drills
    Neck curl front/back/side 25 reps each

    McGill 3 every day before training, no days off

  34. 4 weeks ago

    Monday Pull
    1x5+ Deadlifts
    3x8-12 Pulldowns/Pullups/Chinups
    3x8-12 Chest Supported Rows/Seated Cable Rows
    5x15-20 Face Pulls
    4x8-12 Hammer Curls
    4x8-12 Dumbbell Curls

    Tuesday Push
    4x5, 1x5+ Bench Press
    3x8-12 Overhead Press
    3x8-12 Incline Dumbbell Press
    3x8-12 Triceps Pushdowns SS 3x15-20 Lat Raises
    3x8-12 Overhead Tri Extends SS 3x15-20 Lat Raises

    Thursday Pull
    4x5, 1x5+ Barbell rows
    3x8-12 Pulldowns/Pullups/Chinups
    3x8-12 Chest Supported Rows/Seated Cable Rows
    5x15-20 Face Pulls
    4x8-12 Hammer Curls
    4x8-12 Dumbbell Curls

    Friday Push
    4x5, 1x5+ Overhead Press
    3x8-12 Bench Press
    3x8-12 Incline Dumbbell Press
    3x8-12 Triceps Pushdowns SS 3x15-20 Lat Raises
    3x8-12 Overhead Tri Extends SS 3x15-20 Lat Raises

    I’m a heterosexual biological male so I don’t have dedicated leg day as homosexuals tend to have, neither do I exclusive leg exercises. I do light cardio.

  35. 4 weeks ago

    day 1
    incline dumbell
    cable flyes
    machine chest press
    machine rows
    lateral raises

    leg extensions
    leg curls
    calf raises
    tricep dips

    rest day

    cable rows
    face pulls
    incline dumbell press
    flar dumbell press

    rest day

    leg curls
    dumbell curls
    dumbell shrugs
    calf raises

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