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CDC Admits, Then Retracts Statistics Reporting That 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus

The Centers for Disease Control recently published valuable information about polio vaccines on their site, but afterwards retracted the information. Why has that information been taken down? Regardless, a Google

The Tea That Cures Sinus Infections, Strep Throat and Flu

Due to its strong flavor oregano tea is mostly used as a culinary spice. Most people don’t know it has incredibly powerful healing properties. Oregano is the most efficacious natural remedy

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5 Exercises That Can Make You Look Slim And Young

Everybody knows that if you want to build a strong and slim body you should exercise regularly but not everyone has enough motivation to stick to a regimen. People try different


If You Cannot Lose Weight, Try These 34 Tricks That Will Reset Your Fat-Burning Hormones

Women around the world that have weight problems tend to suffer from fatty liver, gallbladder problems, depression, high levels of cholesterol, or pre-diabetes. If get unexplained weight it is associated

Carcinogenic Chemicals Are Consisted In These 18 Brands Of Lipstick

Billions of dollars are spent for cosmetic every single year. Many women do not want to get out the house without swipe of a lipstick and mascara. Unfortunately, most of these